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printf("AT\n"); can't be expected to perform correct autobaud. Characters 'A' and 'T' must be send individually with surrounding delay, AT commands should be terminated by rather than . Message send should wait for '>' request, or at least wait longer. lcd initialization has required delays > 1 ms, read datasheet.
what is the code(c program file for creating hex file) for the digital voltmeter using 8051. here are the major components we have used, 1.ADC0804 2.AT89S52 3.lcd(16X2) 8 bit output from adc and range of vin is 0-5v(where vref/2 left unconnected)
can you tel something same with example?? for example // write a data byte to lcd int lcdPutchar(int d) { // printf("%c", d); lcdstatus.RS=1; // Take RS pin high for data lcdNibble(d >>4); // Makeup Upper Nibble lcdNibble(d); // Makeup Lower Nibble (...)
Hi friends, I want to display float value on lcd display in PIC16F877 using Hi-tech C compiler. Can anybody help me???
1st of all to display something in lcd is not the same as display in Monitor. for that reason the printf command is not use to display in lcd. In lcd display 1st u have to configure the lcd with Micro-Controller. 2nd u have to give the exact position of the lcd display (row, column), where (...)
Hello guys I am writing a program in ccs c which will display a percantage of calculations made but I have a great problem to display for example 10% on the lcd. for example how can I collect this for the lcd to print out 52%: delay_ms(500); printf(lcd_putc,"\f52"); delay_ms(500); thx
I assume that you are using printf function to display float value. I think you should first check to see if the format string given to the printf fucntion can be given an argument that can strip starting '0'. If there is no possibility through printf format string then you may instead of using printf function should use (...)
Can some one please help me out i am working on a pic micro controller project.i am new to controller so i have a problem i want the lcd to show me 1 % instead of showing 001% or 10% instead of showing 010% and so on. I want the lcd not to display any zero on left hand side.
Hi, Follow this tutorial;(it's in Mplab-assembly) PIC Tutorial  Three - lcd Modules -Tutorial 3.2 It converts 16bit Binary to Decimal and store 5 digits on separate 5 registers; Then it always writes these 5 digits on lcd. I guess you count something like a pulse; which always have increment o
convert the number to a string using itoa() and display. or you can also use printf, in some cases you may have to define the output terminal as the lcd.
i am final year student and my final project is about to write c programing for keypad 4x3 and lcd intefacing for 89C51 connecting rs232. int main() { int col,key=0; while(1) { P0=0x0e col=&0x70; switch (col) { case 0x60: key=1; break; case 0x50: key=2; break; case 0x30: key=3; break; } //printf("\n key=%d;",key);
But what I need to sort out is a way of using the printf command but instead of it sending the data to hyperterminal it displays it on the lcd... your printf() is expecting a function, putc() (both in stdio.h). so rather than using the stock putc(), you can redefine putc() to use your lcd routine that writes a char. (...)
hi all! I'm new, I have projects using PIC16F877A lcd display reads pulse ecoder using external interrupt RB0. it was running but not visible when communicating with the PC when using "printf CCS"below the source .... "sory I do not know up core" please check and comments Thank! #include <16F877A.h> #FUSES HS #use delay(clock=2000000
You supply a function that printf calls to output each character. You can use this fucntion to send data to a serial port, an lcd, printer....whatever output you want.
Dear Friends, In a project I am getting 4 bits at port P2 ( bits d0 to d3) when i am Receiving any alphabate ( I mask the other bits , d4 to d7) from a system. then when I try to display it on the lcd, i dont get the original alphabet on the lcd but I get the digit instead of that. ex. -- if I Send the letter "k" on port as said above, I get
void main() { delay_ms(100); lcd_init(); delay_ms(100); printf(lcd_putc,"Hello...."); while(1); } Post your lcd type( 20x4,16x2) and port and compiler you are using...
Dear everybody.. Can help me ? I want to display with lcd 2 X 16 please Help me /*************************** DS2760 Interfacing ****************************/ #include // printf(), uchar, uint, .... #include // CPU's interals #include "1wire.h" // 1-wire device lib /************************ Port Declaration
DEAR FRIENDS, ( i am using keil // USING "C" and doing this for 89c51 from ATMEL.) I M working on a simple program for operating some relays and putting the status message on the lcd. the program is working so nicely. now i need to ADD the SERIAL function in to the program so that with RS-232 link the messages can be seen on pc screen to
Hi, I found a schematic of simple temperature, huminidity and dewpoint measuring cicruit. Originally device uses: Sht11 sensor, AT90S8535 MCU, and HD44780 like 20x4 lcd. In my project I replace Sht11 with Sht15 (from Sparkfun), At90s8535 is replaced with newer Atmega8535 (Atmel datasheets say - this is a at90s8535 direct repalcement). But this dev
Hello brothers! Is my first time using PICOS18, I read the user manual and I dont found anything about intertask communication. Anyone have experience with this rtos can help-me? I try too redirect the printf stream for use with lcd, like show in example, but I not have success too! If anyone can help-me with this, I really apreciated! Than