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Hello, I am working on a project which is very simple. I am interfacing Glcd with Arduino in proteus and also simulating this circuit. The library of Glcd for Arduino is not working also and it gives the simulation error so I have created it my own. Now the problem is that when I am trying to display any character on (...)
My project is I2C lcd with ATMEGA1284. Project tested in proteus and also mikroElektronika EasyAVR v7 dev board. Code is written in mikroC PRO AVR compiler and uses TWI library. mikroC PRO AVR files and proteus file are attached.
Here is my lcd code. See if that works for you. I have created lcd library similar to mikroC lcd library. Uncheck the lcd library in library manager before using my code. I have tested this in both proteus and hardware and it works. (...)
Take a look at these links (and download the libraries): PC keyboard in proteus lcd BarGraph library More lcd, more Sw Uart
Hi; MikroC for PIC has a PS2 and also an lcd library too: And there is my PS2 simulator library for proteus (with example projects), while this is just for a PIC16 (for now) and in mikroC, not in MPLAB, sorry. But you can use the free compiler too.
Hi, I need atmega32u4 or teensy2.0 model library for proteus , I don't find it anywhere thanks for your help .... I want to interface teensy2.0 with lcd. and want to test my codes on proteus.
If you want to print some text like 'A' or "Hello!" on lcd then you need lcd library or code for lcd. See for 8051, PIC, AVR, lcd projects. You will get code and proteus simulation files there.
Hi friends I have a problem with the flex lcd.c library. When I connect the lcd on proteus , there is a warning about a logic detection (d4 to d7) , but the characters appear clear. But on the board , I don?t see any thing clear , and I test the output of data , I saw that?s all are 5 v ! I don?t know what is the (...)
i have written a code in mikro c without using lcd library, my lcd has a ST7066U driver and i have written for 8-bit interfacing. now i have test the code in proteus 7 but nothing is showing. Note: i am not using lcd library given in mikroc because the code is for HD44780 and for 4-bit. (...)
i need ...library & models lcd NOKIA all type
Hello everyone, I require a library of 16 pin connector in proteus for connecting 16*2 lcd.the connector is like below but 16 pins. also I require such female pins . this is for making pcb for my project. Please someone
Hi everybody I have connected a 20x4 alphanumeric lcd to ATmega128 and I want to use mikroC lcd library to initialize and write on it. But at the beginning, initialization process failed and doesn't work. I have simulated the code in proteus and worked but on my board there isn't any desired output! Is there anyone that (...)
CodeVision has library functions to facilitate the handling of lcd modules built with the Hitachi HD44780 chip or equivalent, why not use it?
Hi, Very urgent...Plz help me. I need lcd 84 x 48 pixels (Nokia 3310) library for the latest version of proteus 6.9 simulation software. For those who has this library can u please inform me. Thanks. Rgds, NCh
I am trying to find a 16x1 lcd model for proteus. I understand that these are configured electrically as 8x2. I have been looking at data sheets, but am unable to find what the character addresses are. I am assuming that the first row is 00-07 and second is 40-47, this may be wrong. A typical display of this type would be MDLS 16168. Could anyone h

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