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Every i2c, spi or other IC which is connected to microcontroller have specific instruction for programming. Device driver is not integrated in os or compiler. If you want to use an lcd or eeprom memory you must have driver specific for that device, or you will not be able to communicate with that device. Cristi
hi,, my forthcoming project is to design a single phase energy meter using atmega 32 so can you guys help in finding out how the lcd is to be interfaced with it..... actually i need the basic info of interfacing an lcd.... ( ps not by spi, as its reserved for communicating with asic) with this controller any other relevant (...)
I am using Proton IDE.Its very useful cross compiler having many builtin subroutines eg spi and UART (both software and hardware),alphanumeric and graphical lcd tools,DTMF,USB interfacing,mathematical subroutines and many others. in short Proton IDE is designed to accelerate product development in a comfortable user development environment witho
You can use VMLAB ( ) for simulation of avr (c and asm) and peripherials (lcd,button,serial etc..). Great prog, it's free.
hi, i'm looking for lcd with serial interface types (spi, SCI, etc.) which can display 4-5 digits.. Anyone knows any distributor/supplier I can buy from?
hi all, I am working on a project which involves interfacing a lcd touch screen with mpc823 (powerpc).. I have just started working on the project and i have just 15 days to do this.. Please let me know if anybody has worked on interfacing lcd with some FPGA board..what kind of problems are there? any help would be appreciated..
I've found this site: Do anybody has idea on how does the data/address pattern of the input to the lcd controller I need to control it using spi or I2C but I don't know the data format... and how to input data in general.
hello i am reza i want to use mmc (multimedia card ) whit an atmega32 avr microcontroler i want c source code ( use spi protocol ) i only work with codevisionavr c compiler i want to save picture data for graphic lcd and then i want to save sound too plese help me
Hi, I am currently using Nuhorizons Spartan-3 400 board. I can not turn the lcd back light on event I have checked the pin mapping very careful. I also have prolem with its on board spi ADC. Does anyone succced with backlight and ADC on this board? Please give me some tricks. Thank a lot.
I look for simple programs in C and ASM for PIC that I can use them to learn about opearating the PIC family. Like opearating lcd, spi, UART,A/D etc. Is any one know a sit were can get ?
If you specify here which are your requests in terms of speed, peripherals, memory, ...., somebody might help you find less expensive products. Bye. Paolo Speed is not too important for me. 1 MIPS is enough. Peripherals that I use are RTC, EEPROM (2048 byte), 2 UART, 1 spi, 1 I2C and 96 segment lcd Driver. But I exactly
Hi, the Nokia 3310 lcd has a spi interface, not a I?C so u have to use the spi interface of your ?C:
AFAIK the Nokia lcd uses an spi (clock+data); you will have to simulate this in software. Look for some AVR code written in C and translate it for the 8051. spi is common on Motorola processors; there will be some data on the Motorola website, e.g. the 68332 has an spi.
Hello, I need a I2C or spi lcd and if possible a keyboard with the same interface, does anybody know a manufacturer to these products. URLs are welcome :D thanks and best regards for everybody. mgs_p
Look Graph. lcd from Mobile phones (for example Nokia 5110, 62XX )...
1. Serial interfacing lcd with Pic Microcontroller 2. Software spi interfacing ADC with Pic16F84/Pic16F628 3. Simple multi channel digital voltmeter 4. Stepper motor controller