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The meter in the photo is an lcd type . Then what is the requirement? You can also buy digital meter modules for volt/ammeter. That is to save time instead of starting from a microcontroller and programming...
For simple voltage monitoring, consider a bare lcd voltmeter. $10 or $20. Make sure the description says it can measure its power supply. (Some meters cannot do so.) It draws miniscule current. Put the correct resistor divider across its input wires, so that it gives voltage readings in the range you wish. Tip: Do not allow it to be exposed to ba
Hey,I would like to implement a digital voltmeter with PIC16F877A and an 16*2 lcdbut the conversion is not succeeding,the voltmeter has to measure 0-30VDC but I am not getting good values. Could you please help see the codes here below:#include <16f877A.h> //Header declaration for pic used #DEVICE ADC=10 //definition of ADC bits for conv
Hi. I have just joined this forum looks like a great place. I have just made this Volt ammeter with the 16F877A. I am came across the post about ADC Value Fluctuating in PIC voltmeter and Ammeter lcd PIC16F877A which I have the same problem. From what i have been reading it's been solved. I'm just not to sure what "There was wiri
Go to last page of article. Do each bit such as :- "1.Start with the voltmeter circuit. P1 should be disconnected at this point. Connect a known, accurate voltage source of less than 200 mV to point TPA (test point A) and adjust P5 until the lcd shows the right value. Remove " What is your problem with this? If its getting 100mV, put a pot across
Can any one help me on this. I am working on voltmeter using the adc of pic6f877a with lcd , my code works perfect on proteus but when i implement it, it won't respond fine. At times it display, at times it don't. Pls i need help.
what is the code(c program file for creating hex file) for the digital voltmeter using 8051. here are the major components we have used, 1.ADC0804 2.AT89S52 3.lcd(16X2) 8 bit output from adc and range of vin is 0-5v(where vref/2 left unconnected)
that can measure voltage from 0-30v please give me link for this thanks
hy guyz,i'm working on digital voltmeter and ammeter (130V and 40A,on lcd) using atmega328. it is working well on proteus.but not worknig on verroboard,it shows the constant voltage and current i.e, 130V and 40A(max. does not detect the adc voltage. This is my code. #include LiquidCrystal lcd(7,8,9,10,11
Thank you tanveerriaz and Your post was very useful to me. The program in the link is compiles successfully without error but also i am having problem in the hardware. lcd doesn't show anything. I am using a 16*2 lcd. Please help me.
There are no lcd pin defines. Include lcd pin defines before #include <lcd.c> See inside lcd.c. It mentions how the lcd pins should be defined.
hi i have problem the voltmeter dose not give me right reading when the input is 9 the reading is 30.9 when i test it with avometer across 20k its reads 9 but the lcd reads 30.9 ... help me // lcd module connections sbit lcd_RS at RB5_bit; sbit lcd_EN at RB7_bit; sbit (...)
Hi All, I am very new here I have collect the following c-code for 20V lcd voltmeter using pic16F688, now i want to activate RA0 pin high when lcd voltage is grater than or equal 10.0v, what is the change need in this code? Please help.... char Message1 = "DVM Project"; unsigned int ADC_Value, DisplayVolt; char *volt = "00.0
I am trying to read the temperature value on a LM35 sensor via ADC0804 to AT89C51 this is my code in mikroc: // lcd module connections char OW_val; sbit lcd_RS at P0_2_bit; sbit lcd_EN at P2_3_bit; sbit lcd_D4 at P2_4_bit; sbit lcd_D5 at P2_5_bit; sbit lcd_D6 at P2_6_bit; sbit (...)
Hello, I tried to made Digital voltmeter and Ammeter Here's the Circuit Problem's M Facing:- 1) Voltage and Current both values fluctuating..constantly... 2) Not measuring the voltage or currre
i have design of AC voltmeter from about 50-300V AC using PIC16F676 and 3 seven segment lcd circuit and pcb details are here and can easily convert to 0-300V if using a standalone 5v supply
I have made a digital voltmeter you can use as voltmeter part, as ammeter part use a piece of cable (you must know the resistance per meter) or a high powered low valued resistor (shunt resistor - generally aluminium shield resistor). The microcontroller is pic16f877a and 1602B lcd screen, and codes in pic ccs c complier.
I have a pic 16f73 based ac volt meter.the volts on Adc pin vary from .87v to 1.58v the respective lcd display is from 170v to 230v. .87v=170v .93v=175v .99v=180v 1.05v=185v 1.11v=190v 1.17v=195v 1.23v=200v and so on.i am unable to understand adc math for this conversion.can any one explain it.Vref = Vdd in the circuit.
You can use thise project and adjust code for your needs just to shows voltage on lcd, and most important you have example of ADC conversion: code is writen in MikroC. For higher input vol
You can write a code that will read voltages through ADC pins of the PIC at preset intervals (usually .5secs) and then display it on the lcd. Here is a link to a video :