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hi I realized looking for a LC meter with LCD Module 1602 do you have a pattern, artwork, HEX file that works? I try to realize the lcmeter 16F628A but not working
Hello, I want to realize this lcmeter that measure the inductance and capacitance of a connected dipole But my simulation in ISIS does not work, I think this is due to the relay that does not work and I do not find how to solve this problem help me please here is attached
Hi there these are some links. I have not tried them. Try to read them to be able to choose is also a post on edaboard: check also I was of help THANK me by pushin
I found this it's in russian :( This is programm that can measure L and C, by using your sound card. You must have somre 1% resistor to calibrate this program I try this version Good luck ;)
dear sir, i would find schematic of lcf meter issue on EPE february 2004, it's very difficult to obtain epe magazine issues in Belgium. Can anyone send me this to my email ? thanks a lot. sorry for my bad english. Best regards.
At http: have an exemple of float routine for a small avr. Change only the appl. prog.... lucas
Nice LC measurement circuit using 8031-like uP at: Similar LC meter using PIC at: Regards,