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There are charge pump negative voltage converter ICs if your sensor current is reasonably low. Follow that with a little negative ldo if you want to clean it up some more.
Can you mail order from DigiKey? They ship anywhere
kindly help, i'm a beginner in analog circuit field, how do i start project, basic to understand project.
28 views no reply :( do i require ldo regulator if i am using the above battery? please someone reply...
Hello Guys I have a project in which i need to use a ldo (low drop out regulator) with output fixed to 2v, i found LT1761 from linear technology which seems to be suitable, I need also to simulate the cicuit to check its functionality, I have also found its pspice model and successfully created the component in orcad, I have to say that such IC is
i m basically planning to work with ldo... so if any one has the design n schematics of the project plz share it with me... i m in very gr8 need of the matter since i hav to submit a project on current feedback ldo by the end of march... plz help....
I will use a SIM300C Module for a project. I read datasheet and some another documents about SIM300 but i can't understand about VDD_EXT pin. 1) I don't need VDD_EXT functitons so can i leave it floating? 2) Do i have to connect to VDD_EXT pin with a ldo? connect ldo to
Folks, In the past I've used MAX1555 (ldo charger for a single Li cell) with success for charging the Li-polymer batteries. Now I have a board with MAX1555, which was originally designed for Li+. I'd like to reuse the board in another project, but unfortunately, my time, budget and space constraints don't allow Li+ battery pack. What will happen
Now a new project need it. Can anyone give me advice or reference papers? Thank you!
Hi everyone. Thanks for showing your interest. My company is a newly startup in Singapore. The parent company is from Korea. We are looking for experienced design engineers in the area of power management IC. The project we are doing will be such as ldo, DC/DC converter with internal power MOSFET (buck/booast), Analog switches, LED drivers Ic, e
Hi all, The class-AB op-amps are done, I'm running corner sims and toying around with transferring them between processes. The final schematics will probably be up on openschemes in a few days so I'm moving on to the next project - an on-chip ldo! I'm wondering if anyone has a favorite ldo paper I should use as a starting point - I (...)
If you need 12v DC only for solenoid valves and the rest of the control circuit supplied by the lantern battery through an ldo regulator, you can use this voltage doubler at the bottom of this post: Bear in mind that your solenoid valve requires a lower current (voltage) after activation, thus still be
I think it is also up to the ldo SPEC, most people like to use 0.6u~0.25um to design power management circuit.
I need design low dropout regulators 11V/10A with Vin-Vout=0.5V how can I design the ldo??
Well I do find the idea very interesting, using a large super cap as alternative to a battery, but the implementation could have been much better. Just the current used by the LM317 is making your 'battery' a very leaking one! I would have used a step up converter with a super quite ldo at the output. That would have improved drastically the perfor