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a nice design published in silicon chip magazine if you google 555 based lead acid batteries desulfation circuit you will find it
Can any-one recommend a 3 pin current regulator with low voltage drop between input and output voltages? This is to charge a car lead acid battery from a cigarette lighter as fast as possible so would like to use the 20A available from the cigarette lighter. I have a LM317 however this has a ~2v drop so if vehicle voltage is 14.5 (...)
12V 75W Solar Panel I did tests on my PV panels rated 64W, thin film type. Open circuit voltage 23.8 V. Each panel delivered 3.4A to a 12V lead-acid battery (bright sun high in summer sky). I found that I did not obtain 64W into a 12V battery. Expectations might lead me to think it should mean 5A. However (...)
How to measure internal resistance of 12V 7.2AH lead acid battery...l Batteries are complex beasts; they have impedance and not resistance. But we often talk about the real part of the impedance as the resistance and I guess you want to know or estimate the Re (Z) under reasonable conditions (DC; zero load) approxima
Hi I am designing a SMPS 500W for lead acid battery Charging. I am referring Figure 16 here. I want to build this circuit (Figure 16 above link). battery will be 12V 100Ah to 200Ah and so the charging currents will be 10A to 20A and hence the SMPS should be able to provide 30A.
What is the difference between charging a used lead acid car battery and a new lead acid car battery of the same rating? I found some battery chargers with a select switch like: new battery / used battery. So what is the (...)
For typical 12V lead-acid battery, these are normal limits: Drained: 10.5. Charged: 14.4 Scale down these values to match your 4V battery. Or else it may be more important if the battery is a power source for a circuit. Then you may want to set your alert where battery voltage is too low (...)
Part of the problem with these black multi cell lead acid batteries is that its usually not easy to monitor individual cell voltages. With more modern cell chemistries, its much more common to buy individual cells and hook them up to some pretty sophisticated charging and monitoring circuitry. If you know that one particular cell is diverging fro
You did not say if the batteries are lead-acid, Ni-Cad, Ni-MH or Lithium. Ah is not the maximum Amps a battery can produce, it is how long the battery can produce a certain low current. A 50Ah car battery can provide 600A (!) to the starter motor on a cold day when the oil is thick. The Lithium batteries for (...)
sorry and this is the charging stages that i meant...
Hi, I'm looking to build a solar charge controller for lead acid battery rated 35Ah. The panel is rated 200w at 24V. I haven't yet built this circuit other than playing around with the example buck converter circuits on LTSpice. I would want to have a prototype running on the breadboard first. Have following questions : 1) My (...)
Can someone explain ampere hour method to measure state of charge of a battery lead acid battery 6 cells I am new to batteries
Sulfation is common when lead-acid batteries are permitted to self-discharge over a long time. Various desulfation strategies have been discussed, researched, etc. I seem to recall hearing of one on the market, which applies charging pulses at certain frequencies. Try a forum search on sulfation, desulfation, etc. See websites (such as homepower
I don't understand the question. The article gives charge and discharge curves for different currents. What do you want else? Do you understand the meaning of the current unit (e.g. C/5)? Charging voltages above 15V suggests that the diagram is referring to standard non-sealed ("flooded") lead-acid batteries, e.g. car batteries. They could be a
Hi all. I need to design and implement a lead acid battery charger in 2 months time. I started to read documents i found over the internet but it is getting more messy each time i looked at something. So i hope you can give me some advice for the road to success. first of all i must charge 6 of the attached in order to energize two dc (...)
Hi, I want to test an LNA IC. I want to use supply of 0.7V and make it as low noise as possible. I plan to use a 6V lead acid battery and then use a voltage regulator as follows Can anybody suggest better ways? The lab power supplies that I have make the noise figure 1dB worse.
is lead acid, so you charge it with C/5 maximum for until it gets to 14.4V, then you keep its voltage at 14.4V and let the current dwindle down and down naturally, until the current gets down to C/50, and at that point, you just keep it ?floating? at tha
I'm running 48 leds with a 6v 4.5AH lead acid battery, there are 20 leds connected in parallel each parellel line has got 2 leds making them 48 leds. the leds are white leds. please i need to know the total current and watt of the leds and how long the battery would last. please check the attached picture 127710
Hi all, Please suggest me any lead-acid battery monitoring IC.
Batteries tend to self-discharge if left to sit for a long enough time. They have a longer life if kept fully charged. Is your 12V battery a lead-acid type? Sulfation is the common problem which they develop if left idle for a long time. It is not easy to determine if you have this problem. There are techniques for removing it, but it is (...)