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Hi there, did anyone know how to measure the power consumption in Synopsys tools. I need to measure the leakage current to optimize the static power in my design. Is the measurement tools over the SAE area? 137034 do you understand what leakage current is? just make a simulation, keep the inp
Hi, I'm trying to measure the delay in hspice for an inverter by using .measure command. **Test inverter .TEMP 110 **Use high temperature to simulate worst case delay and leakage power .OPTION + ARTIST=2 + INGOLD=2 + MEASOUT=1 + PARHIER=LOCAL + PSF=2 + P
That all depends on the model fidelity, and the completeness of your expression of layout parasitics and such. There is a good chance that models fail to accurately model leakage (especially if you are expecting digital "corner" models to do an analog job). And your real part on a real eval board or test jig, is subject to externalities you may
During the iddq, the test is to measure the current on the digital supply. The scan chain are used to shift in a certain state to stimulate the leakage measurement.
Your provided text with the schematic is not clarifying your question. Which supply you want to test for leakage current and what are the physically available points to touch. Only accessible points on the EUT can be connected to the measuring system and what type of the measuring system is available with you what network you are planning to use. Y
Any student version tools to do dynamic leakage power analysis plz posts the details/links __sree
I have a question regarding measurement of static leakage power using NanoSim. What I am trying to measure is the static wasted power in a NAND gate (or for that matter any circuit ... I am starting off small). Input is a HSPICE netlist of a NAND gate (4 transistors). Inputs to the NAND gate are 2 dc inputs. (...)