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Hi After going through some tutorial on driving 8x8 led matrix by MAX7219, I am trying to undertake simple practical tests. I have bought 4 cascaded 8x8 led matrix assembled with MAX7219. The arrangement of the setup is as per attached schematic. As a simple test I want to activate only one column of the (...)
Agreed, and the +5V connection to the ULN2823 isn't needed but a ground connection to pin 9 absolutely is. Pin 9 is NOT a power supply connection, that device does not need any internal power, strictly speaking is the current output pin. Brian. For more brightness your best approach is to use a driver (such as the ULN or even using single
You have to implement column scanning method to implement the scrolling led display. this link will explain the idea of scrolling display technique
Hi, I have designed a 8 digit led scrolling matrix display (8x8 led matrix display). But my led glowing intensity is low. Suggest me some solutions for this.
Need an example code for 8x8 Dot Matrix led display in microC. Basically I was trying to make one. I tried in many ways but it doesn't work. I don't know what was wrong I was doing.... here is my file: const unsigned short letters = { 0x18,0x3C,0x66,0x66,0x7E,0x7E,0x66,0x66, //A 0xFF, 0x00, 0x76, 0x76, 0x76,
Dear All my friends i need to design a 8x8 led matrix ... no problem with the theory or the software ... but how can i control the 8x8 matrix for 220 v output .... i need to control the 220 v for out the row and the col to access one out for a moment .... please advice as soon as possible Best Regards MedTronic
Hi Am woking on 8x8 led matrix with pic16f877a moving message through 8x8 led matrix i need simple code or how to right it using mikroc pro. Thanks
Hello, I am trying to drive an 8x8 RGB Common Cathode led matrix. I am planning to use four 74HC595 shift registers. The problem is that I want to get the maximum brightness out of the leds but I do not know which IC to use between output of shift registers and leds. I am using 5050 smd RGB leds (...)
Maybe as first step:
Please help me, need 16x16 led matrix code................
97842 when m connecting led matrix to micro controller(PIC18F4520) ,voltage on port pins of controller get reduced and i dont get required pattern on matrix. but when m connecting single led on that port pin m getting led glowing properly. can any one help me where m going wrong??
Hello there,from the blog on want to drive three dot matrix with 74LS164 as serial -parrallel registers I am not coming to figure out how I can process for scrolling some three letters,can you please help. see example codes here below and the circuitshtt
this is my clock project using 8051 just change the ic and get an led matrix just changing the IC won't do the job you need to write code for 16f877A
Im a newbie when it comes to micro project is to build an led matrix atleast 8x80 that can post messages controlled via pc. i really don't know how to start things over.. im using proteus in making schematics.. PIC16F877A with a 4017 Decade Counter other than that i dont know what other stuff to use..please help just using a sample p
I have seen this driver board along with some MCU and RTC clock chips. Can i use it as 8x8 Matrix board with my PIC ? Because on the site they have defined it can work with ICSP & Attiny Atmel MCU. Please confirm me can i use it with PIC MCU ? us
hi i m working on 8x8 led dotmatrix and i have to make it 10 character display unit i m using 74hc4094, uln2803 , atmega32 controller & want to generate my code in assembly can any one help me and give a sample code or some hint for sending data serially to 4094 ???? thanx in advance
Hello Kanna, I had done an experiment in past with PIC18F4550 and 8x8 led matrix display. I had implemented text scroller. You can find this post at following url: You will find source code, schematics and firmware example. If you still have any question please dont hesitate to ask. Regards
I Start working on led matrix Display. Ma first aim is to implement 8x8 led Matrix in C. I read some articles related about matrix. So what will be the all process to implement this. There will scanning rows and columns, display the char so any guidance or tips for S/W implementation. I am going to use PIC18F44J50 Micro controller for (...)

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