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hi to all i have stm32f103RB and i make program with STMCUBEMX and IAR .. the program is for test and it is led blinker . after i program it for first time it's Ok but it doesn't program again .. the stm is running correctly but i can't program it again .. it happen for 2 micro and i use (...)
I'm running 48 leds with a 6v 4.5AH lead acid battery, there are 20 leds connected in parallel each parellel line has got 2 leds making them 48 leds. the leds are white leds. please i need to know the total current and watt of the leds and (...)
HELLO, friends i have samsung laptop s3510similiar to (rv510) scalla 15ul is board and the backlight component is bad (led screen no light) because the flex cable was damaged 1)screen test ok 2)new flex installed(lcd flex) 3)data is present ok which component can be cause this any help please , i have checked over (...)
Hi, I am making use of the MODEL FS CT6B tansmitter and receiver, which is used to transmit the data wirelessly. First of all I want to test that one For that purpose I am making use of servo motor to switch between the channels First of all I want to test by blinking led by switching between the channels using (...)
When i power up for the module, i see all led is turned on, and when i use realterm to test it, the data appears continiously (like the following images), i don't know why, please help me, thanks so much120742120743
120304 Please I need help from the programmers in the house. I am not a programmer myself but if a code is generated, I can dump it into PIC or AVR and place the device into my circuit. This is all I can do in this MCU of a thing. The diagram above is only pictorial representation of the Project. It does not necessarily
YOu need sensing in the 1st and last car with 1 wire in between every car to send Dark level to other end so the the darkest level of either becomes the control voltage to drive leds for internal ambient light. Common voltage & ground on track pickup will require regulating with tiny bridge rectifier and 5V LDO for sensor to work in both (...)
i write a code to test my HC-SR04 sensor to measure distance but seem there is no responce from the sensor, after i program and when i turn on the pic, the led from port A0 turn on and not turn off even i move more than 100 cm..pls help i'm using pickit 2, mplab ide wit c18 compiler, internal OSC 4Mhz.. tq (...)
Hi. I start playing with PIC12F683. I mad a simple blinker(see schematics)115683 With my code (see below) when VCC is coming from PICKIT2 its wotking fine. When my power come from external 12v my led is always ON. Please advice. What is wrong in my schematics. /**********************************************
Hi, So we have created a PCB that uses the SIM968 module, and we originally used the EVB to test our control code and it all worked fine, sending texts etc. So we then laid out the system as per the datasheet (design guide). We get an error over AT (not specified) but we have the led flashing - the error code is (is (...)
Hello, We wish to test out 3 channel led driver. (all three led drivers are on the same PCB) Each channel drives 165W of leds (46V, 3.52A) Please could you explain if the V/I characteristic of the 63110A led load simulator is close enough the that of the leds so that we can use it for (...)
Hello, Please could you help us because we believe an electronics design contractor company is trying to embezzle money out of us. We believe they deliberately designed a 140W led power lamp for us with ?problems? in it so that it would fail on thermal grounds. We believe that the electronics design contractor has pre-disposed the led driver to f
Hi I am aashish, I am a pure beginner to 8051 microcontrollers and want to Blink a led connected to port 1 with it (as my first test). It is my habit to start any thing from groundup....... I performed the following steps, 1. Generate Hex file from keil uVision 2. Flash the AT89S52 with this hex file using a 8051 programmer. 3. (...)
I got a hold of a Philips led light bulb, and I decided to play around with it to further my understanding of a constant current SMPS. As a test, I split the led ground wire so I could measure the current being sunk into the led string, 0.6 A in my case. As another test, (...)
That sure is NOT a regulator. It's a resistor, a MOV and an led. Is there any kind of information on that quality-looking assembly? Part number, manufacturer's name or something? Probably not; the manufacturer was apparently too ashamed.
Hi guys need your help and expertise, i have here DL5000RMI a (220VAC) 1.I just notice that during utility low AC voltage ( 210Vac 0r below ) the boost led will light up ( its normal ) then when i pressed the test button all led is flashing and the output voltage from UPS was down and (...)
led is an output device and not input device. You should have a condition like if RB0 is 1 then led1 (RB6) = 1 else 0 and if RB1 is 1 then led2 is 1 else 0. You can test RB0 and RB1 values and display the text you want on LCD. Alternately you can assign the (...)
I'm testing a MPC8315E board according to EN 50155. In normal temperature (25 degree) , the board worked. The board now have just CPU and NOR FLASH , test program is U-boot led blinking. 1) During low temperature cooling test, CPU will not start up at -25 degrees after cooling for a while. But If (...)
do i need an Xbee or a ZigBee to send a msg from my gsm to the PIC 16f877a to turn on the led as a test & could anyone help with the C code thank you
Thank you E-design for your circuit, this circuit should be perfect, it handles both the positive and negative voltages and will allow me to use either two leg or three leg bi-colour leds. All I need to do is adjust the resistor values to suit the different voltages. Kenneth