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Hello, We thought of doing a mini project on "WEB CONTROLled Public Addressing system"i,e Sending message to be displayed on led panel From an authorized website with a password using GSM module and Arduino web switch. Can anyone suggest me where i can get all modules required for that project(i,e from Online stores and i belong to India) (...)
Sir, I am doing a project in PIC16F877A .Here in my project,I want to collect data from ps2 key board, and it is to be displayed on LCD.But now I am facing some difficulties to lit the key board led's individually. To lit caps lock led, I first send 0xed ,then I received 0xfa as (ACK) from key (...)
hi..does anyone have a schematic and/or know a tutorial on how to interface a gsm module to PIC16F877,PIC16F877A or a 8952 ?C?:?: we need it as soon as possible :cry: the project is an electronic message board via sms and we're planning to use a gsm module to receive the message.. the message would be displayed in the led dot matrix..
Hello to everybody in this forum Actually, I am working on the led matrix board in which i am interfacing the AT keyboard using 89s52.Whatever I type on the keyboard must be displayed on display continuously as a string. Now the problem is, I have to store the the character that is pressed on the (...)
I want to Interface led matrix kit(SLS product) on expansion headers of UP3( Altera's ESDK) kit.The kit should be connected with the PC via RS232 on serial port. The input to the board should be given via Hyper terminal from whatever characters Input from the keyboard should be displayed on the led matrix. (...)
The hard disk of the PC connected to our Olympex led displayed PC recently crashed. We have replaced it but unfortunately, we cannot seem to find the software that transmitted the infomation to the data wall board. The information usually displayed on the board was came from an excel file that looks like (...)