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Do you mean "save all sentence in memory map " and just scroll it? Not the sencence, but the alphabet bitmap. The standard strategy is to program the code in different functional layers: In short, one to define the character (in general, in static memory), other to scan each character, and another to scan
Don't know what the "segment delay" value actually is, but there should be no problem to run the code in real hardware without flicker. In case you are talking about flickering in the proteus simulation, I suspect a pure simulation problem. Adjust the timeout in the led display properties.
I needs your helps to design led dot matrix display USING pic MICROCONTROLLER. I get some nice video in youtube. please help me....
Hi genius i need an help for designing the small 7 x 21 dot matrix smd led display with message running display for my certain application .. Can anyone help me out by attaching any simple schematic circuits for my project?? Thanks :smile:
if you do a web search for pic and lcd display it will give you plenty of links for hardware and programs thanks for the response i want idea about led dotmatrix please give any link
Hello Kanna, I had done an experiment in past with pic18F4550 and 8x8 led matrix display. I had implemented text scroller. You can find this post at following url: You will find source code, schematics and firmware example. If you still have any question please dont hesitate to ask. Regards
The link here shows an open source project that drives multiplexed leds, so that is your led display question resolved.
Hi Foot. I have done similar project to this in the past and found that perhaps using an array of characters is not the best approach, I used the maximum size available to me in the pic which was a long long (32bits I think) which made life easier for if I wanted to dynamically update the display, although I can see that you are just (...)
pls visit Downloads / 8051 Projects / Scrolling dot matrix led display using 8051 : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR pic Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
Dear Experts, I want to display two lines (10 characters in each line) in led dot matrix arrays (in each line there will be characters and numbers, e.g DATE 16 July). The content that will be displayed in the matrix will be provided by either a keypad (3X4 keypad) or from (...)
Hi umery2k75, Share on this too umery2k75(at) I made this circuit too, but not with SMS. I made SMS and matrix display seperately. It was good days playing with MCUs. If you played with MCU's and made matrix display and a SMS send/receive module, than iy is (...)
check Dallas/Maxim. There is a chip from led dot matrix Controller. You will get easy in programmning