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Dear, Sir/Mam I have knowledge in 8051,PIC. I wants to manufacture an outdoor display board using microcontroller which can support image, text, and also video. So, help me for manufacturing process.
Hello friends i want to create 3 seven segment led drive using At89c51 micro controller ? how can i start ? and also i want to create using switch or variable POT to increment or decrement the digit . and is that possible to save last digit at device power off and after some time power on last value stored (...)
There are a couple problems You're calling delay() in your isr and the main loop. It's using the same memory locations for looping in both invocations. They're going to step on each other. Do you have your logic backwards? The while(1) loop should display the current picture, and the timed isr change the picture to the new scrolled (...)
Hello.... I want to make project on tachometer using IR leds with AT89S51. I want to know how to program time/counter to take measurement in RPM and how do I display on 16x2 LCD and how to convert pulses in RPM...what is the formula for it??? I m programming microcontroller in Assembly 99 000 R
Hai all i need a program for control 8051 to bcd 4511 to count down the timer for example port 1 has 8 pins if a select p2^7 means eight minutes want to decrement to zero include seconds to. I need to know how should i program for interface using single ic 4511 to access four segment led
That is complicated case, specialy scaning frequency, this module use 1/4 scan method, that mean one pin from shift register 595 controll 4 led's, you must controll via 138 witch row is active, also you must control many 595 via one serial input... many things for control, if you are begginer I think is not easy for you, this need programming
Raykumar, it is very hard to expect that somebody else will solve your dilemma, your problem is very easy, you need to search on google and read datasheet for 74HC194, it is 4bit bidirectional Sh. R., but probably will be better and much easier to use 74HC595 for led moving display, you also ask for code in asm, without your schematic it is not pos
I once wrote a scrolling text code for 8 dot-matrix displays in assembler. It shouldn't be hard to implement it in C. You may start
i'm using proteus isis for the simulation,i have connected 8*8 dot matrix row to 74HC573and to mc 8051 ,but when comes to column i'm to connect column to current sinker and to shift register ? which chip we can use for current sinker and shift register? How to give inputs to the shift registers? can you provide brief details, and i'
hey! guys i wanted to use the timer 2 of 8051 to use it as the multiplexing delay for seven segment led display. So guys if anyone of u know how can i use timer 2 of 8051 please give the pseudocode or C code or assembly code will work too. thanks
hello friends... i'm doing project in running led display through serial port using 8051... i took this project from a site... i have done a hardware part fully but im not getting output.... im getting partial output.... the port 2 of controller is given to the row of the display.... but there is no changes (...)
It depends on display parameters, mainly resolution and refresh rate. Lower resulotion displays can be controlled with 8051 or AVR. In large volume i would consider some FPGA based ASIC manufacturing (i.e Altera'a HardCopy service). using fpga based asic enables you to use highly customizable cores (like (...)
16 seven segment, every seven segment have 8 output. So, can do matrix connection in form 16X8 matrix. Here example 16X8 matrix (but in led). Other option, you can extend output using shift register 74595.
Scrolling Dot Matrix led display using 8051 / 8051 Projects / Downloads : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
You need to connect the input to port bit p3.5 and led's to the two output ports, that is all. Hope you did the same best luck.
Microcontroller World: led Moving Message Dispaly
hy! I have to make an .asm or a .c code using 8051 microcontroller and 4 led matrix of 5x7 each, which display in a scheme designed in Proteus a scrolling text (,,TEST") from right to left: _ _ _ T _ _ T E _ T E S T E S T E S T _ S T _ _ T _ _ _ Pls, could you help me with tutorials about assembly or c that help (...)
Hai experts , i am new in 8051 I want to do a projects ,ie an led based moving display using 89c51 .Please help me . Warning! Select correct section before posting
pls visit Downloads / 8051 Projects / Scrolling Dot Matrix led display using 8051 : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
The ready made clock chips available, usually use mains frequency as refernce and thus the accuracy highly depends on the same. But you can get dead accuracy with RTC interfaced with a microcontroller. But In the DS1307 as it uses external cylinderical crystal, the accuracy may not be guaranteed. But using a DS12887 module accurate time can be obta
try this to initiate your project IR led and TSOP 1738 : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
Hi, today only i av joined in as a new member. I want to display 5 characters in scrolling format. I have in mind to use 8051, 70LS138 decoder, M54525AGP(7 array transister). Now i av doubt whether for each character do i av to use seperate ucontroller,decoder &array transister:?: Hope of getting reply sooner.
led or LCD display? maybe it is simple, a PIC mcu and some components
Hi..... I am new to the C programming for Controller.... I am using 89V51RD2 controller, 4 7-Segment led display, Ultrasonic Sensor.... I have to consider Hardware interrupt generated by the sesor & display some output on to the 7-segment. Can anybody suggest me the book, link or something which will make me known (...)
<<>><<>><<>><<>><<>>Hi all!<<>><<>><<>><<>><<>> I am recently working on some led multiplex display with PIC. This parallel type type interfacing is bit more critical and a lot of shift register or decoder have to use. But a LCD display is easy to interface to any PIC. They are cheap & if we use them many port of PIC become free (...)
You will need to create font lookup tables for all the characters you wish to display. You then use the ASCII code representing each letter of words you wish to display as a lookup in the font table. The best is to break your code into sections such as getting fonts, sending to display, and the scrolling part which is the easiest ... simply (...)
hi to every one i want to make a single/doble line led moving message dispaly using 8051 micro controller .but i have no information or idea how i can do it ...
I modified the standard program for linking the DS1620 to an 8051, by displaying the result from the accumulator as a binary temperature display in Port 0, via an led. But when i run it, all the led's light up!! I have 1 led connected to each Port 0 bit. I'm using a AT89C51 (...)
I want to find a assembly program, please help. Develop an electronic lock by using the circuit below, use the 4x3 key pad to implement the door password, door-open key and clear button key. Use uVision to write the program to check the password-keyed in from the 4 x 4 matrix keyboard. display the word ?PASS? on the led arrays (...)
For getting right answer use proper forum. I did it long back using 80c51 & 8279 (keyboard & display not sure if you still get it in market. If you refer the data sheet of 8279, it clearly mentions how can you connect matrix of led's. Good Luck.
Hi, Search Elektroda forum: ................