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Quick check here and there are 38 in use and if you include my box of PC spares, another 5. That doesn't include led/CFL power modules or low voltage DC-DC inverters used inside equipment. No wonder my radio equipment picks up S9 noise across half the spectrum! Brian.
In case of doubt, a solid ground plane won't be bad. The led driver circuit can't work. The IR-leds have only 1.2V forward voltage each, so a simple series resistor from 5V would be the appropriate way to supply it, or a buck converter if minimal power consumption is a must.
Dear All, I'm trying to design a low cost drivers to sell them in my country and after doing a market research about the lowest way i found that Power Integration have a good design examples. but after calculating the BOM only for a 20W led driver it exceed 5$ although the similar wattage drivers in the market have a (...)
Hello, The following offline 11W switch mode led driver circuit uses a primary side DC bus capacitor (C4) which is EPCOS BFC233822104. This capacitor is an X2 capacitor of size 6*12*12.5mm Schematic of 11W led driver from of led driver: DATASHEET: EPCOS BFC233822104 capacitor (630vd
I'd suggest these are simpler.........
Hello, This is a flashing led driver......when on, the led is 6V and 9A. Why do they need a sepic converter followed by a buck led driver? Why not just the buck led driver? Documents
Hello, Please could you help to define what circuit elements are (and which are not) in the feedback control loop of this SEPIC led driver?????. V(in) is fixed at 6V. Input current is regulated by the loop. Output voltage could be anything between 5V and 40V. Input power is limited to 7W. The
Hi, i am Murali Krishna new to Real time work i am trying to develop a 150W led driver, I have a reference design for "Power Integrations " i.e RDR 291. its operating input voltage is (184-275)v AC but i want to make it (90-265)V AC, so can anyone suggest me what hardware changes makes me get those operating range. here is the attachment plea
As you are aiming to use led stips, you can use any smps power supply with the specified voltage. Amphere rating must be 20-30% above what is rated. My sugession is to go for 12 volts rated stips as they are common and frequently used in architectural lighting Cheers
Hello, Please could you check out this smps solution for driving a 48V, 350mA series led string from Vin=10V. SCHEMATIC This requires a duty cycle of 0.8, and most PWM controllers do not offer such high duty cycle, so a UCC35705 will be used. UCC35705 DATASHEET
I want to replace PWM ic used in smps with PIC controller SO if u have any solution for this please tell me IF any basic requirement is necessary then tell me that also i am interested to make smps using controller
Hello Friends, I am working on a led project. I am using Standard 5V 2Amp smps. i read in many editions of EFY that people are using led drivers, which are power supplies. I am confused what is the differance between these two. what shoud i use?? what will be benefit.................Please Help led's (...)
The cheapest solution probably is to buy a TV surplus smps from an electronic distributor, s. e.g. this or
Hello, I wish to amplify the voltage across the current sense resistor in an smps led driver by a factor of 10. It's a boost converter led driver with V(in) = 13.5V The Op-Amp must be single-supply operational and have facility for rail-to-rail input and output voltages. I could use an Op Amp set (...)
Hello, I am doing a boost converter with Vin = 13.5V. The output will be 8 series leds carrying PCB for this circuit is very small so I need to use a led driver with an on-chip FET. -Of course, this in turn means that I have no access to the gate of the FET in order to slow do
hello, i have to design smps led driver to go inside the enclosure of a car headlight. with the lamp OFF, (yes, "off"), on a baking hot sunny day of 35 deg C, how hot will it be inside the lamp enclosure? (roughly) -assuming the headlight is in the sun and not shaded. am i right in saying that the "greenhouse" effect will mean (...)
hello, I wonder if you can help me with a PCB Layout issue for a 10W boost converter led driver:- (8 to 17V in and ~28V, 350mA OUT) Switching Frequency = 510KHz, Continuous conduction mode. 40% ripple current. controller = LTC1871 Basically, the PCB is double sided and very small (15cm by 65cm). Space was tight and i placed the boo
above circuit has a discrete current sense using BJTs (it is a led you think this circuit would be ok for large volume production?.....or would the individual BJT manufacturing variances mean the current sense level would vary too much from unit to unit ?
Hello, I am looking at this constant current led is from this app note:- claims to be able to do constant current driving of leds ...without needing to sense the output current (!) .......however, do