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Hi everyone, I have 7 leds in my board which I used them instead of 7segmnet. each of them are connected to an I/O port of AVR microcontroller. because of supply limitataion forexample for showing '8' all the leds could not be on all together and because of me supply source just one led can be on at a moment. so I have to solve this problem (...)
Assuming that you are using the Xilinx MIG core, do you see the signal init_calib_complete signal going HIGH? That would be the 1st step of debug. You can connect it an on-board led for visual indication. I had a similar design in which a uB_MCS was connected to a MIG core and an UART. I had connected the init_calib_complete to the uB_MCS reset
Hello guys! I need to design a protection circuit to avoid the destruction of a digital input port. This digital port should accept signals between 0Vdc and 24Vdc. However it is pretty easy to connect a power supply connector with 230 VAC to this input port because both connectors are very similar. Therefore to avoid this wrong connection i need
Hi, I want to implement the led indication for the Transmission and reception in RS 485 communication using Max487. Also i want to isolate max487 from the controller. 118099 Can anybody please tell whether this attached design is good? If i can do any change so that the design will be much better, please give you
Hi, I want to show led indication regarding the solenoid status. Is it good way to do it as per the attached image.. 111422 My doubt is even though if i am having free wheeling diode, will the back emf destroys the led by providing high reverse voltage? Thanks, Murugesh
Hello i have created a setup of Tx and Rx By using the C Library for NRF24L01+ i have installed led indication for checking the Transmission has perfectly happened or not. If transmission is not proper and ack is not received led remains on at PORTA1. In my case it remains on as transmission is not reaching to receiver part (...)
I'm working with small GSM SMS alarm controller using the SIM300 module. I have added a small microcontroller with RTC to one panel input, used to trigger a daily test message. The problem I'm having is after 8-10 days of reliable test messages, I'm getting a fast flashing network led indication, alternating to no flash. During this conditio
All the leds seem to blink except the one connected to RC5/T0CKI that is the last one. I tried setting and clearing T0SC in OPTION registor still that led wont turn on.. No pull ups are mentioned in the data sheet. I do not see any indication you've cleared T0CS (bit 5) of the OPTION Register in the code you
Basically you want to drive led with AC source... For this you can use Capacitor voltage divider instead of voltage divider. there will very less dissipation in capacitor voltage divider. One important thing is...18V across single led is too much...Thats why it is flickering and died in 3-4 turns. calculate capacitor voltage divider so that (...)
It won't work quite as you drew the diagram because the timer won't run if it has to switch itself on! Also consider that the led will drain the battery whenever it is lit so if this has to be switched on for long periods it might be worth looking at a different indication method. Personally, I would use a small PIC processor for this because it ca
Hi, I need a circuit of led indication. My Voltage source(Battery) is 10 to 160Vdc. When ever the source is connected i need to show a led for indication. Can any body suggest me any idea. Thanks and Regards, Viswanath
Hi, Currently i am doing a Battery Charger. in this I want to have audio and visual indication when the battery is reversely connected. battery reverse indication i have done using a resistor and led like we do for negative supply indication. but my question is about audio indication. Can i (...)
It is a design of modernization of popular Diora amplifier WS442 (WS432 without led indicators of input selector and shape and filter indication). What was changed: all electrolytes were cha
dear all I want to have an indication of circuit connected via led or some other method. actually I have ten different Audio amlifier machines running ten different circuits of speakers. I want to make a monitoring panel for it. Machines output is 100V at 42 ohm. TOA machine I am thinking about induction because i does not want to add extra l
The schematic attached is of Telit GL865-Dual GSM/GPRS Modem. I have omitted the sim connector in the schematic "sim is connected to the modem". ISSUE: On power on the "powmon" pin goes high - i am assuming the module is functional, but no indication on the status led and the module does not respond to AT commands. I have connec
Our Sony KLV32s400a LCD TV is turning white intermittently, specially during day time during last 8 days. No special led indication for fault finding. Green power led remains on(no other led). Tried factory reset. Picture appears(time varies) for few minutes when power is switched off for a while and then on. Absolutely no (...)
What firmware version do you have? My SIM900B EVB is 1137B03SIM900B32_ST and I have the same behavior. I donīt think this is an issue. My advice is to make your own status led with AT+CIPSTATUS(0x0D). Best Regards
AC fan in my modem/concentrator heats up and slows down to stop .This causes my thermal drift and shutdown without info. need to have alarm led indication when the speed of fan lowers to 80% of full RPM /CFM of air delivery .
The battery detection system obviously isnt accurate and this is common. However your power supply method isnt the best test, when batteries go dead they tend to go high resistance, that is the voltage drops more and more with load, so that the battery volts will be high enough to extinguish the led untill the transmitter powers up and drags the v
The 4 switches are connected to the 4 I/O ports of the microcontroller. The default state of the switches are HIGH thru the VCC and you have a logic 1 at the input of the controller. When the switch is activated it gets connected to the GND and you have a logic 0 at the input of the controller. You also have an led indication whenver the swit