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Hi genius i need an help for designing the small 7 x 21 dot matrix smd led display with message running display for my certain application .. Can anyone help me out by attaching any simple schematic circuits for my project?? Thanks :smile:
STC8051+avr+atmega Professional Kit is a high-performance development board with rich board resources. The board has many peripherals such as dot matrix led, color dot matrix LCD, SD slot, PS2 port, stepper motor driver, DC Motor, infrared sensor and temperature sensor. It reflects fully STC Microcontroller performance. (...)
Hello guys. My name is Andrew and I'am from Poland. I have plenty of Atmega8A, i have also MAX7219 and 8x8 dot matrix 1088BS > PIN DETAILS I've got also arduino UNO clone and arduino nano clone. I would like to use Atmega8A because i have many of these. I would also prefer to di
look here may be helpful
This project was based on ZL2-avr kit from BTC. Features: display HD44780 4x 7-segments display 8x led RS232 I2C matrix keyboard 2x2 PS2 keyboard buffers [
hi, actually i made 9 my own led dot matrix of 5*5 but i need a assist in logic how can i control all of them using a single uc either a atmega8 or 16f877a whether it is possible are not?
Scrolling Dot matrix led Display using 8051 / 8051 Projects / Downloads : 8051 Microcontroller Projects avr PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
Yes it is very useful. But I have a little bit problem. Mplab do not commplier your and new mine source code. error message is: Make: The target "C:\Copy (2) of DisplayDemo723a\delay.p1" is out of date. Executing: "C:\Program Files\HI-TECH Software\PICC\9.81\bin\picc.exe" --pass1 "C:\Copy (2) of DisplayDemo723a\delay.c" -q --chip=16F723 -P --ru
pls visit Downloads / 8051 Projects / Scrolling Dot matrix led Display using 8051 : 8051 Microcontroller Projects avr PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
Suppose you have a series of leds. Ouput logic high on one of the leds and logic low on the remaining leds and continue the same using the delay() function in avr. You can use digitalwrite() function to output either logic low or high in avr.
for details, here im attached a proteus file that i'm get from from that site im learning (so much thanks for him) . but im modification for 8052 because i dont have avr ic. i have already test the program and i'm also have implementation on the protboard and it's works. but i really dont know how to design applic
please reffer following site: as you can see this board based on 25X25 led matrix. And avr as processor gray level shades are also implemented in his programming. MY QUESTION IS: generally i saw led matrix of 8 rows and several coloum
Unless you are looking for someone to actually give you a schematic and source code without effort on your part, you should probably post something for us to see to help you with. I learned much of what I know about led dot matrix displays from here and
Hi, Recently I got a gaming machine display board from ebay, It has 6 5x7 matrix ,32 bar graph led's and 4 MM5450 controllers. Is it possible to use these controllers with avr or PIC to make a moving display..? I am attaching the circuit and the picture of the pcb.. Thanks Surej
i cant scroll text in 8x8 matrix led by avr in IAR can any one help me and give a sample code???? TNX
hi all i see your hardware about led matrix board. and i really interesting to work on it. i know alittle about the avr series i thinkyou use mega32 and i want to learn it so i begin to put together this board but i have some problem on hardware and i dont know about your softwareyou use you wrote that using bascom if it is possible (...)
hello, there are many pages on this subject on the "micrcontrollers" forum try searching for "moving display" or "led dot matrix". there is also a nice webpage
Do you mean an array of led that can display text and graphic?