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HI Anybody knows about this board details? mean connection and working code... I got 5 board from a dump yard and its working good.. (all display) But not got the controll board.... anybody knows about this board? Thank in advance..
Hi guys, With the help of a project on Scrolling led display of size 5x7 matrix posted in this forum, I took effort to modify the same to make a display of large size character (13x14). For this purpose I have designed the characters with row values of 13 bits. Actually, each character is of 10 columns and (...)
Hi genius i need an help for designing the small 7 x 21 dot matrix smd led display with message running display for my certain application .. Can anyone help me out by attaching any simple schematic circuits for my project?? Thanks :smile:
Hello guys. My name is Andrew and I'am from Poland. I have plenty of Atmega8A, i have also MAX7219 and 8x8 dot matrix 1088BS > PIN DETAILS I've got also arduino UNO clone and arduino nano clone. I would like to use Atmega8A because i have many of these. I would also prefer to di
Hi.. can anyone send me the code for led message display using pic16F877A. I'm using monocolor led with 7*64 matrix display board. I'm using MPLAB software.
I am using HT1632C in one of my company project. I am using 8 holtek IC driven by its internal RC osc. Their is no problem in fixed display strings. But in case of scrolling display the characters are getting double width and uneven flickering is observed in the edges. Please give me the idea why it is so. My 16X16 led (...)
read message from GSM module. such as SIM300,SIM900。then display on led matrix.
I have acquired the above semi built project and have tried without any success to get additional information about the project. I know it was in EPE prior to 1994 becuase the display board element of the projects was completed at that time. I would be able to get most of the information from EPE's library only they need an (...)
Good job!Now,i driver one 32x256RGB led matrix display.but i not use PIC MCU and TLC5940.however,i think you are doing very nice project!if you can drive more area,and add communication,PC message editer software,it's will be perfect!
in my project i use scrolling matrix led...anybody tell how to interface with pic to matrix led and how to write program for that........
Hello friends I am assigned a project to make 24x4 matrix this display i have to glow led in sequence...i did successfully up to 12th row. but at 13th row i am facing problem....when i am scanning 13th row and feeding 1st column then all led in that row is glowing.....i can find out whats wrong with (...)
I need help....i have a code for scrolling "A" in the led matrix (code attached below) using mikroC and i simulate it using proteus. Proteus simulation has correct output but when i try to load it on my circuit, letter "A" is not complete(video is also attached below for reference). schematic diagram is also attached. pls tell me what to do..
need a 5x7 led dot matrix display with 10 pcs I have other parts the mm5450 any project will do with microcontroller is ok
look here may be helpful
This project was based on ZL2-AVR kit from BTC. Features: display HD44780 4x 7-segments display 8x led RS232 I2C matrix keyboard 2x2 PS2 keyboard buffers [
Hi Foot. I have done similar project to this in the past and found that perhaps using an array of characters is not the best approach, I used the maximum size available to me in the PIC which was a long long (32bits I think) which made life easier for if I wanted to dynamically update the display, although I can see that you are just trying to d
16 seven segment, every seven segment have 8 output. So, can do matrix connection in form 16X8 matrix. Here example 16X8 matrix (but in led). Other option, you can extend output using shift register 74595.
Hi guys I want to design a programmable led matrix display which would be around 180cm x 50cm. It should be controlled by a normal motherboard, which would have a wi-fi card installed and connected to the internet. I want to use teamviewer or any other software to program it remotely. As soon as I (...)
If you are looking for led matrix display...there is one separate thread on this which has adequate literature about it. Please search it.
Digital Clock using ATMega8535 and DS12887 with 5x7(8) led dot matrix I am doin last project and urgently in need some soultion.... Plz help me,if any-one has that project or related info. I am using ATMega8535 and DS12887 and the display is on 5x7(8)led dot matrix and (...)