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You can see Dot matrix 8x8 or led 16X8. This is for pic, you can see the logic to multiplexing and shifting character.
HI all, i'm trying to control 8*8 rgb dot matrix controlling the columns on/off is easy i did it with shift register the problem i'm facing is with TLC5940 Interface with led's row i used the following code and it works very will "it lights all the led and then turn them off in steps from 0 to 4095" for all of the three colors, the (...)
I have another led matrix has 12x12 pin. can you tell me how can i find connect this to a pic.
The link here shows an open source project that drives multiplexed leds, so that is your led display question resolved.
So are you using LCD or 7 segment display or matrix led and which micro are you using and are you using voice ic to announce the token numbers...give details..without that nobody will help you.
hi.. i have project moving sms on 16x64 matrix led using matrix gsm gdt11 model and 8051 microcontroller can any one help me in coding..??
hello even though I used the program applied for by you here in this link: but in the simulation program does not display the default message!! You said that its works very well! how her, I will send you the file later proteus, and c + +,I've used pic 16f877A, and I did the same assembly corresp
hi, actually i made 9 my own led dot matrix of 5*5 but i need a assist in logic how can i control all of them using a single uc either a atmega8 or 16f877a whether it is possible are not?
Hi Foot. I have done similar project to this in the past and found that perhaps using an array of characters is not the best approach, I used the maximum size available to me in the pic which was a long long (32bits I think) which made life easier for if I wanted to dynamically update the display, although I can see that you are just trying to d
Hello I build led matrix display based on 16F876 and have problem with resetting pic in most of the time when neon light is turn off in the room and pic is connected to PC. When PC and pic are disconnected everything is ok. Also every time PC is turn off, pic is reset or gets stuck. Here (...)
16 seven segment, every seven segment have 8 output. So, can do matrix connection in form 16X8 matrix. Here example 16X8 matrix (but in led). Other option, you can extend output using shift register 74595.
Hi, I'm building an led display from a group of 5x7 matrices. I'm building it in stages as I have got to grips with pic programming, shift registers, multiplexing etc. My next challenge is understanding how to power it though, and I'm having no luck finding anything to help me on the web. I will be running about 10 5x7 matrices, lighting them a
Scrolling Dot matrix led Display using 8051 / 8051 Projects / Downloads : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR pic Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
hi, can any one help me to build a moving display using pic 16F877 and four 5x7 led matrix in c (MikroC) Thanking You Soina see here in the forum thread
Yes it is very useful. But I have a little bit problem. Mplab do not commplier your and new mine source code. error message is: Make: The target "C:\Copy (2) of DisplayDemo723a\delay.p1" is out of date. Executing: "C:\Program Files\HI-TECH Software\picC\9.81\bin\picc.exe" --pass1 "C:\Copy (2) of DisplayDemo723a\delay.c" -q --chip=16F723 -P --ru
lots of threads are discussed why don't you search typing led matrix display
Vinod, I already wrote this in another topic, about the same thing - using IF statements to decode a character to 5x8 matrix is very costly in program memory and execution time. An 'if' statement is translated into several processor operations (load a literal, subtract it from the 'test number' and branch based on zero (or carry depending whethe
Hello- I am designing a 8x8 led matrix with RGB leds. So 192 leds altogether. I want to control them using PWM so that I can have all of the colors. I am going to use a pic with 5-8 PWM channels. I am looking at some different led drivers from Allegra and also from ST Microelectronics. (...)
im task to build a 14rows and 40columns led matrix.. as of now i have build a 10x40 led matrix display.. what should i do? im using 74hc595 in my columnss and 74ls154 in my rows with tip147.. and my scroll should be scroll to right and left.. and in static mode.. and also do some blinking.. anyone have a code for this (...)
//pic 8char dotmatrix, switchable to static-scrolling //prg lenght 1077 words, made by zuisti, 29.08.2007 //for a simple and fast PROTEUS simulation I am not using line drivers ! #define COMMON_CATHODE #define BUFFERSIZE 56 //max. 54 chars (and 2 gap space) for scrolling message char buffer; //display buffer: 8 chars +