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It's a standard monochrome led-board design. There are loads of microcontroller projects showing how to drive similar display boards. Presuming the latest decoder circuit is correct, it's a 1:16 mux scheme. Respectively I would expect either 16 rows x 96 columns or 32 rows x 48 columns led matrix. The difference only matters for data (...)
i am building a led matrix but to drive the matrix most of the internet resource use MAX7219 which is quite expensive for me because i am planning to make a bigger matrix display there any cost effective solution ??
You have to implement column scanning method to implement the scrolling led display. this link will explain the idea of scrolling display technique
Assuming that you are referring to a matrix led display panel, yes an 8-bit uC such as the 51 core is able to do that. I've done this with a microcontroller from Microchip 16F family.
HI, I'm stuck with my 10X100 led sign board. I have the circuit diagram of the same but don't know how to deal with the C program for shift registers. The code for scanning of the rows are managable for me. But I don't know how to sent the display data to the shift register and how to give a clock to the same. Anybody please help me out. Please
Hello guys. My name is Andrew and I'am from Poland. I have plenty of Atmega8A, i have also MAX7219 and 8x8 dot matrix 1088BS > PIN DETAILS I've got also arduino UNO clone and arduino nano clone. I would like to use Atmega8A because i have many of these. I would also prefer to di
HI all, I'm planning to build an led message board with 8X64 led. I'm planning it to do with ATmega16 (Since i have one with me). I'm a beginner in both micro-controller and C program. So, I need all of your generous and valuable help, also this might be helpful for others who are in same situation. I'll (...)
Hi.. can anyone send me the code for led message display using pic16F877A. I'm using monocolor led with 7*64 matrix display board. I'm using MPLAB software.
hello i'am trying to build a panel that have the message HELLO with th?se dimensions 150*30 cm but i'am facing a problem . the schematic below shows the leds of the letter H is there any mistake and would it work in realtiy and on a ditance of 50 cm from the control board? 97564
read message from GSM module. such as SIM300,SIM900。then display on led matrix.
talking electronics have a good display using pic has six buttons for up,down,left,right,store and delete.check it out. just google talking the best.
i want to design led moving message with 7 X 125 leds. Can somebody help me as this has always be my dream project. Thank you guys in anticipation.
I want help for a project to display static 100 characters (each message will have max. 20 characters) of messages stored in memory. display the desired message will be the order received on the RS-232 serial port. Example display message 1: #001. Example (...)
Hi, i want help for my project regarding programming. I have use atmega16 microcontroller and i have use 5*7 led display module. So plz. Plz... Help me regarding this problem....!!!
hi i m working on 8x8 led dotmatrix and i have to make it 10 character display unit i m using 74hc4094, uln2803 , atmega32 controller & want to generate my code in assembly can any one help me and give a sample code or some hint for sending data serially to 4094 ???? thanx in advance
Good job!Now,i driver one 32x256RGB led matrix display.but i not use PIC MCU and TLC5940.however,i think you are doing very nice project!if you can drive more area,and add communication,PC message editer software,it's will be perfect!
Hello!!! I have to display the Scrolling message on to the led Matrix.. I have to connect 4-led Matrix. I am using 74HC595 Serial to Parallel Converter. Firstly i am checking only single matrix:- Here is my circuit diagram 81938 I display ARUN SHARMA in scrolling fashion on led (...)
using led matrix display?
Im trying to come up with a code but it seems so complicated to me,i just need a hint to it.

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