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hi pic hi tech c program take from here . program was working but one letter after next letter moving is not continuously not moving some delay gap is come.then next letter come .i need continuously up to down vertically moving or vice versa .any one having vertical c prog
It's a standard monochrome led-board design. There are loads of microcontroller projects showing how to drive similar display boards. Presuming the latest decoder circuit is correct, it's a 1:16 mux scheme. Respectively I would expect either 16 rows x 96 columns or 32 rows x 48 columns led matrix. The difference only matters for data generation,
Can you separate the loops for scanning the matrix display and for moving the characters. For example, you can create a loop that writes to the entire matrix every mSec (say) but only shift the characters every 100 times ( of whatever) through that loop. I assume that the brightness form the matrix is a direct function of how long you keep the led
I am using arduino leonardo for moving mouse pointer with head tracking using MPU6050. It works fine in general. But as soon as I connect an external lcd screen to my laptop via hdmi cable, it stops transmitting. (that is the TX led goes off altogether and the mouse stops moving) I am not able to figure out what the issue is here Will using (...)
Assuming that you are referring to a matrix led display panel, yes an 8-bit uC such as the 51 core is able to do that. I've done this with a microcontroller from Microchip 16F family.
HI, I'm stuck with my 10X100 led sign board. I have the circuit diagram of the same but don't know how to deal with the C program for shift registers. The code for scanning of the rows are managable for me. But I don't know how to sent the display data to the shift register and how to give a clock to the same. Anybody please help me out. Please
Hello guys. My name is Andrew and I'am from Poland. I have plenty of Atmega8A, i have also MAX7219 and 8x8 dot matrix 1088BS > PIN DETAILS I've got also arduino UNO clone and arduino nano clone. I would like to use Atmega8A because i have many of these. I would also prefer to di
Am working on led moving message everything working good i need help to get more colums using cd4017 or how to 3cd4017 together. thanks
I try my best to find sample code in mikroc pro for led moving message display. Hi everybody how to make a scrolling message (using led Matrix) in mikroc (pic16f877a) pleas help me how can i make it can you anyone put the sample code ? thanks in advance
Friends While developing a code for moving led display using 16F886 MCU, compiler fails to build the code and returns error report as "Error - section 'MAIN_PROG' can not fit the section. Section 'MAIN_PROG' length=0x00001020 Errors : 1 Link step failed." Earlier I used 16F72 MCU for this purpose. But as the Program Memory o
An LM3915 IC has 10 comparators connected to a resistor ladder and the 10 outputs have their output currents set with one resistor. There is an accurate adjustable voltage reference. It can make a moving dot with one led lighted or a bar of lighted leds. Use an electret mic. Your circuit is completely wrong because it does not have a (...)
We are in guessing mode now. Does it have led bulbs or filament type bulbs in it, as this makes a big difference? When it is a relative small unit, it will not have large dissipation as otherwise temperature rise will be too high. When it has relative large mechanically moving parts, more power is required. Can you post a link to a similar prod
Mechanical buzzers are filthy little EMI makers. Maybe you want to swap it out for an indicator led, just to get the rest of it right. Then, consider moving to (say) a piezo type? Or trying harder to snub all the contact chatter that the buzzer may be making (maybe spend more effort on filtering the control IC supplies, etc.).
i want to design led moving message with 7 X 125 leds. Can somebody help me as this has always be my dream project. Thank you guys in anticipation.
There is a led matric mikroC code at by Rajendra Bhatt. Hope that will help you.
Hi, i want help for my project regarding programming. I have use atmega16 microcontroller and i have use 5*7 led display module. So plz. Plz... Help me regarding this problem....!!!
Raykumar, it is very hard to expect that somebody else will solve your dilemma, your problem is very easy, you need to search on google and read datasheet for 74HC194, it is 4bit bidirectional Sh. R., but probably will be better and much easier to use 74HC595 for led moving display, you also ask for code in asm, without your schematic it is not pos
I like to design 16(row)*32(column) led moving display using AVR. Please suggest suitable scanning method and chips for row and column.
video, led, ethernet, spi, dvi (or similar video input), color correction, DDR2 or DDR3,
please elaborate .