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I need to design a filter for rejection of average red led,light levels ,other noise from AC switchings and accept only IR signals from my IR transmitter . . However ,I tried putting a light filter ,,smoky and deep red acrylic sheets but sensitivity reduced to 2-3mtrs . The normal supply suppression changes the pulse transition responses ......I
Hi guys i have LCD TV"led technology", this LCD TV make a noise" sound" when i power it on inverter"square wave inverter " is this noise can harm the LCD TV?? how i can remove this noise?
If you don't rely on minimal noise, maximum sensitivity and tightly specified component parameters, leds may be an interesting sensor option. A number of circuits has been published that's using leds as both light source and ambient sensor in time multiplex.
The Ir led are fixed because are fitted to an elevator door. And both RX and TX led have 1 or 2 meters long cable to connect it to the PCB. Because the cable for the receive led is long get a lot of noise from the environment. I tried to make a schematic like the one below and it got a lot of noise from the (...)
Adding caps across brushed motor's terminals wouldn't hear, but blinking power led may indicate insufficient current available from the 8V power rail .. Try to add substantial capacitor, say 1000uF, between 8V and GND and see how it goes .. IanP :D
When I was cleaning my old stuff I decided to modify old laboratory feeder. I exchanged transformer to bigger one cause I need 2 A ( nothing amazing, but before 1A was strong limit for me). I rebuilt casing as old one couldn’t hold new/old staff ( transformer has many years and makes some buzzing noise, but not much) Casing that I used is to
Current sense operation is effectively cancelled for higher frequencies by C14, in so far there's no noise problem. It's a different question, if C14 introduces meaningful loop behaviour. Generally, there should be a current feedback circuit involving less effort.
#1 check the power supply separately. #2 put a current limiting resistor in series with the led (1 kOhm resistor is good) #3 check the microcontroller in an easy task, I/O, led blinking...etc
I have made a gaint digital led clock based on 89S52 assembly, every thing is working perfectly but I dont know why the time is running very fast in RTC. Just in 42 seconds it completes one minute. Although I m using RTC in correct order. Same circuit when I check on vera (project) board it works fine with no problem? I have checked the Crystal and
Hi, I'm designing a led matrix for Outdoor VMS of a considerable size (about 5meters). There are about 16 matrix. From matrix to matrix are traveling signals, like clock, data out, latch enable etc. What is the best circuit to amplify / regenerate signals? And about noise filtering (I did see (in a commercial product) some inductors in seri
Hi Guys, Why don't you consider using the IC named tpic6b595 as your led driver. It consists of 74hc595 type shift register as well as power transistors. I am also uploading the data sheet of this IC for you to have a look. By using this you save space and money in your desings. Take care. Myself :D
I'm Interesting and built a satellite detecter with led as far I know is that a sat biper is a sat detector but with noise but I want to built with led to check the status detection to the Min to Max. The Satbiper contains the following parts One-HEF4046BT that is a IC-CMOS,PHASE LOCKED LOOP One-LMC60 that is a Single AMP (...)
hi im quite new to electronics but know a fair bit now. i was wondering if anyone had seen one of those programmable led boards you can buy, with the built in keyboard function. well i want to know if it is possable to perhaps dismantle the keyboard and place it wired elsewhere so you could still use it without it being beside the board eg: have th
hi i havent done it... but we normally dont keep the leads of led etc more than lambda/4 in order to avoid picking up external noise... this helps for EMC... the simplest example could be increasing the length of ur omni directional antenna of ur radio to pick up...
Basically Laser has a threshold current while led does not.
The most likely place for the noise to be coupled is through the power supply. As the led's are switched on and off, you are creating power supply spikes that could easily be coupled through the common power supply connection to the audio stage. A preamplifier is a very likely place for such noise to be (...)
did you match led to TSOP1738. It should 950 nm wave led. Can you confirm that? Did you check by scope signals at TSOP1738 and led?
Hi experts, Could u tell me, what kind of topology is suitable in back light deisgn of cell phone using while led driver ? there are a lot of advistments of IC vendor for this, some vendor said that their PWM solution provide lower noise inject to the batter source, but some vendor insist there solution (PFM) is much efficiency then PWM (but the
i have a problem with the infra led receiver it produces when signal is transmitted square pulses and when not transmitted 0 dc i want to distinguish between the 2 cases ,one tob be +ve dc'and the other 0
Maybe your microcontroller cannot supply the Input Control Current. For LCA110 the control current (led) can be between 2mA and 50mA