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Hello We wish to sense 200mA of current max in a led drive circuit and there will be 200v of potential between the current sense bit and the output signal bit. No Hall sensors seem to do low these are all up to at least 20A
Hello We wish to sense 200mA of current max in a led drive circuit and there will be 200v of potential between the current sense bit and the output signal bit. No Hall sensors seem to do low these are all up to at least 20A
I have this small led and PIR light now when sensor detect motion it turns ON and after 2 minutes it turns OFF. Now I like to change circuit to Light turn of slowly, like dimm to zero, so it takes about 20 seconds to light turn of by dimming. But don't know how. here is circuit
other objects such as a meterstick (held from a long distance), scissors, or a pencil also create the same effect. Also, the circuit also randomly inverts (sometimes it gets brighter the closer we get, sometimes it inverts and becomes dimmer the closer we get). Your question has been already answered in post #4 and post #5. Co
Hi, This solution doesn't use a PIR, but I can't think of any solution for what you describe... If the room only has one entry point, maybe an ir led across the doorframe could be used to latch on for entry and off for exit from the room.
Dear all, We are authorized distributor for Seoul semiconductor products. If you need any led products from Seoul, Please contact me. Product, 1. Acrich Series 8. Chip/ sensor 2. nPola 9. Mid Power led 3. WICOP Series 10. High Power (...)
I wanted to try and increase the range of my TV remote. I do not have any infrared leds and cannot get them easily, however I can get a lot of bright leds and I can build an amplifier circuit. Now I know that a TV responds to IR, but would a very bright led produce enough IR to trigger (...)
A simple way is an IR/light sensor, aimed toward the point where a human's waist should be 3 to 6 feet ahead of the robot. Mount an IR/led on the human, transmitting a wavelength which the sensor is sensitive to (with filtering, etc., as needed). A single photodetector probably is insufficient. Consider an array of 3 or 4 (...)
Hello. I need sensor for led stairs, but i can't find proper sensor...PIR do not fit here because of very high angle. I need very narrow beam sensor, for first step cross detection. Maybe someone know what would be the best solution? Thanks!
Hello I Need help, I have connected IR module with P89v51RD2. I have written C code I am just testing that IR sensor is working or not MCU : P89v51RD2 compiler : Keil If output of IR sensor is high turn ON led If output of IR sensor is low turn OFF led (...)
Dear All, It may be very basic question but I need help to understand it please. I have a human sensor which simply send 3.3 volts output once a human movement is detected. I'm connecting this output directly to a MCP23S17 to detect this signal and further process it through Raspberry PI. Up to here everything is OK. I want to put an (...)
I need a program to convert photodetector output (voltage) to brix value 121003 i have attached the data sheet of the PD and IR led. 121004
Hi, I'm trying to get response from DHT22 sensor with PIC12F675, but something is wrong... Here is my code: #CONFIG __config _HS_OSC & _WDT_OFF & _CP_OFF & _MCLRE_OFF & _BODEN_OFF & _PWRTE_OFF #ENDCONFIG DEFINE OSC 4 CMCON = 7 : OPTION_REG.7 = 0 led var GPIO.2 DHT var GPIO.0 pause 100 output DHT high DHT pause 1
Hello!! I need to interface LPC115 controller through I2C for a touch sensor, For that sensor to work I can use an ATMEL controller. But before going to this I just want to interface I2C with an led. So kindly suggest me on how to proceed. Thank you.
are you sure you want to detect darkness or loss of power or both? The key aspects require the light sensor to be blocked from light from the leds and battery backup.
YOu need sensing in the 1st and last car with 1 wire in between every car to send Dark level to other end so the the darkest level of either becomes the control voltage to drive leds for internal ambient light. Common voltage & ground on track pickup will require regulating with tiny bridge rectifier and 5V LDO for sensor to work in both (...)
I need help with a circuit I haven't been able to find one like it so any way I'll have to describe it I'm trying to wire a model train so when it reverses it has a led to light the way but when I add a auxiliary tender it is block so I'm trying to add a led to the aux tender but I don't want the first (...)
I am creating a GSM project with GSM input to RX/TX of the PIC16F877A .Also I am using a PIR sensor which outputs 3 v and is connected to RB0 . INTEDG is set to 1.When an interrupt happens, an led is made to toggle. I have a few problems here : When the RB0 is connected to 5v using a switch, then only when switch is closed, the (...)
You have to learn PIC UART communication and IR sensor TSOP1738. Modulate serial data with 38khz signal(can be generated by pwm in pic) and send to IR led. The tsop will do the demodulation and gives back the serial data. Google it you will get lot of examples.
led's produce voltage when exposed to light. A yellow led is in the same range as human vision. I just tried an experiment. I find it can put out a few tenths of a volt in bright light. But very little current however, maybe 0.3 uA.