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Hi folks. Recently I bought OLIMEX pic18f4550 (link: ). I am trying to interface it with PICkit by microchip. When I am trying to setup my IPE tu=o just test blinking led code under Tools I cannot find any option to select (Screenshot attached) 13652
hi all i,m a newbie at the best of terms, i have just realized that my led on my motorcycle normally glows when first turned on ignition is not working anymore , if i put my multi meter across the legs in diode test mode i get a reading of .010 v i get the buzz noise from my multi meter but led doesn't light up..what does this mean? any (...)
hi to all i have stm32f103RB and i make program with STMCUBEMX and IAR .. the program is for test and it is led blinker . after i program it for first time it's Ok but it doesn't program again .. the stm is running correctly but i can't program it again .. it happen for 2 micro and i use both SWD and JTAG method .. and microcontroller pins are use
Hi guys, I am doing some practical test on driving led matrix using MAX7219. Please give me hint how to initialise MAX 7219 if multiple drivers are used. Please see the code. Is it the way to initialise two cascaded MAX7219? Chip_Select = 0; // SELECT MAX SPI1_Write(0x09); //To initialize the 1st Driver. SPI1_Write(0x00);
Hi After going through some tutorial on driving 8x8 led matrix by MAX7219, I am trying to undertake simple practical tests. I have bought 4 cascaded 8x8 led matrix assembled with MAX7219. The arrangement of the setup is as per attached schematic. As a simple test I want to activate only one column of the (...)
please show full circuit, including all diode part no's...also values of the opto led resistor - - - Updated - - - you are missing a resistor in series with D9 (BTW, do you know that power integrations run their own forum) - - - Updated - - - Is your circuit
I'm running 48 leds with a 6v 4.5AH lead acid battery, there are 20 leds connected in parallel each parellel line has got 2 leds making them 48 leds. the leds are white leds. please i need to know the total current and watt of the leds and how long the battery would last. (...)
HELLO, friends i have samsung laptop s3510similiar to (rv510) scalla 15ul is board and the backlight component is bad (led screen no light) because the flex cable was damaged 1)screen test ok 2)new flex installed(lcd flex) 3)data is present ok which component can be cause this any help please , i have checked over 2 days cant find (...)
Hello, While waiting for a synthesis tool license I am forced to use WINCUPL in order to test an atmel CPLD. Made a program to turn on leds with buttons but was not able to load again. Figured out that when I did a JTAG override in ATMELISP, I would no longer be able to access JTAG without a stand alone programmer. My question is, how do I e
Does it give an error message? Does it beep a certain number of times? Do you see an led indicating hard disk activity? If not then your computer is failing before it does Power On startup test (POST). Could be a problem in power supply, motherboard, RAM. Can you measure voltage at any port? You get an Intel screen, which suggests correct voltage
Hi, I am making use of the MODEL FS CT6B tansmitter and receiver, which is used to transmit the data wirelessly. First of all I want to test that one For that purpose I am making use of servo motor to switch between the channels First of all I want to test by blinking led by switching between the channels using arduino software . (...)
Here is code for this ckt which I used please check this also //For coding //Let start our coding here #include sbit led1 = P1^3; sbit led2 = P1^4; sbit SW1 = P1^0; sbit SW2 = P1^1; sbit SW3 = P1^2; void main(void) { SW1=1; SW2=1; SW3=1; { if(SW1==0) { led1 = 1; led2 = 0; } (...)
When i power up for the module, i see all led is turned on, and when i use realterm to test it, the data appears continiously (like the following images), i don't know why, please help me, thanks so much120742120743
120304 Please I need help from the programmers in the house. I am not a programmer myself but if a code is generated, I can dump it into PIC or AVR and place the device into my circuit. This is all I can do in this MCU of a thing. The diagram above is only pictorial representation of the Project. It does not necessarily
YOu need sensing in the 1st and last car with 1 wire in between every car to send Dark level to other end so the the darkest level of either becomes the control voltage to drive leds for internal ambient light. Common voltage & ground on track pickup will require regulating with tiny bridge rectifier and 5V LDO for sensor to work in both directio
Sir, i am trying to detect a three phases lines i.e which phase is available or not by using pic16f676 .(three phases like R, Y & B Phases individually connected to pic16f676 micro controller pins RA0,RA1 & RA2 respectively) using series of 2.2M ohm 1/2 watt+5M ohm 1/4 watt to PIC pin RA0 and 10K ohm connected to ground & PIC RA0. if R,Y & B pha
Hi All wish you the best I am planning to work in circuit that will switch output across normal led , but I am confused about the highest speed the led can work at so that my eye can detect change in light emitted by the led ? Thanks a lot , your help is really appreciated Best Regards, Mahmoud
hi all i try searching on internet about dell pp37l backlight problems . but nothigh about this . anyone can help me ? 116187 problem is 1-on external work perfect but 2- conecting led screen and external not work only led screen dont have light . on the marked place is the capacitor wich on tester -buzzer is buzzing i
Hi all, I would like to ask you for help or ideas how to make a LINEAR led DRIVER with 4 channels. I have prepared the circuit with MAX16823 IC which has 3 output channels and it works fine. (I have 8 leds in total, 3 leds per channel (3+3+2), current is 140mAmps). There is a problem when the solution must be changed to 4 channels driver (...)
i write a code to test my HC-SR04 sensor to measure distance but seem there is no responce from the sensor, after i program and when i turn on the pic, the led from port A0 turn on and not turn off even i move more than 100 cm..pls help i'm using pickit 2, mplab ide wit c18 compiler, internal OSC 4Mhz.. tq #include #includ