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basically there are two models,1, AOT(analog on top),make digital as a block,after gds export gds from Encouter and strem gds in the virtuoso,and then connect lines manually.2 DOP(digital on top) abstract the analog blocks'lef ,send them to encounter,and then pr,then merge the gds.
how to differentiate above three, can anyone brief it.
Hi, I am using SOC encounter for APR for the 1st time. It seems a lef file is required for Floorplanning, but I cannot find any lef in the std cell library. So can you please give me any hint ?Is lef mandatory ?
After synthesis you can check your pre-layout timing of the synthesized circuit. After floorplan routing and all you must check LVS and DRC of your gds. Inputs contains RTL file, sdc file .lef files cap table files and standard library files.
Hi all, I have 2 modules from 3rd party IP vendor and I make some floor plan on top view and then need to pass the top view for P&R, sould I use the 3rd party provided lef file instead of gds layout? Can I simply export the top view to lef file format or have to use abstract generator? Thanks! Dragonwell
Hello all, In my digital design kit, there are many folders gds lef symbol synopsys verilog and so no ,,, what i want to do now is that, i want to import the schematic of every standard cell into virtuoso. the problem is that, i did not find the folder called "Schematic" or "virtuoso" in my kit? i only find the symbols for every ce
Good Moornig, I'm a newbie in analog IC design and I have designed a layout for a analog circuit in TSMC 65 nm using Cadence IC 6. Now I want to complete the layout using a pads and sealring. From a Foundry I've downloaded a sealring (gds files) and I've inserted into layout. Regarding a pads, I've downloaded the files with the library, but I do
it is something like this: METAL1 NET 16 0 METAL1 SPNET 16 0 METAL1 PIN 16 0 METAL1 lefPIN 16 0 METAL1 FILL 16 1 METAL1 VIA 16 0 METAL1 VIAFILL 16 1 METAL1 lefOBS 16 0 METAL1 CUSTOM 40 0 NAME METAL1/NET 16 0 NAME METAL1/SPNET 16 0 NAME METAL1/PIN 40 0 NAME METAL1/lefPIN 40 0 lef name, (...)
Hello every one what will be the difference between .lef and .gds. As far as i know both are physical is there any difference between them...
you could change the name as you want. to generate the gds, encounter used a map file between the name you want "ME1" or "totoME1", to the layer number used in the gds, something like this "61:0". You only need to have the technology lef file and all std-cell/macros lef file align to use the same name for the same layer.
Hi everybody, I need tsmc18rf layer map file to generate a lef file for my standard cell design. but I cant find it in the library. I searched the library directory for a .map file but nothing found. Can anybody tell me how to find it? I really appreciate your help.
The cell's schematics and layout will be created in a tool such as Cadence Virtuoso. This gives you gds, spice and lef views. To create the .libs, you run a library characterisation tool, such as Encounter Library Characterizer. This will simulate the cells in spice and then build .libs from the results.
You should load the gds in EDI., the lef does not have enough information.
Def could contains netlist, routing, placement, scan info, port... lef is a simplify view of macro/pad views instead using gds, that should contain the pin (metal position size type) and obstruction to allow the PnR to route it.
did you ever able to include this memory into the design? i'm wondering how do you use lef and gds from the memory compiler output in astro as a hard macro. thanks.
~hi, every one, I have the following problem when I am exporting the gds stream in Soc Encounter 9.1 Since the PDK I am using now does not contain the gds file for SRAM macros, only lef file available, I used -outputMacros option when streaming out my design to make the design contain the SRAM macro design information. It seemed fine (...)
Hi everybody Can someone tell me how to generate .lef files and the tool to generate it .......
When you do your design, instantiate your black boxes in your verilog file. If there is behavior model for a black box, use it in your simulation. In layout, layout tools only care about the lef and LIB file. After you do the APR, merge the gds file of the block boxes with standard cells and IO to spit out the gds for the whole chip.
I guess you've to provide lef for the standard cells. Which tool you're using?
Yes, In your case - LVS & QRC QRC supports two independent flows : 1. LVS flow 2. lef-DEF - also if design is in Open-Access, run QRC before you port to gds or OASIS. rsf is old - ccl is new. The good thing is - same unified qrcTechFi