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Hi vivo_m, This may helps you... there is no other direct function for the same.... if you are using the real number which is less than zero will round as 0 only. there are other method which will consider the decimal part,
Sampling at 2x the maximum frequency does not guarantee signal reconstruction. At best it will detect the presence of the maximum frequency Fourier component , but the amplitude estimation is not guaranteed. It can vary from zero to the actual amplitude of the fmax Fourier component. (depends on the sampling phase, Sampling at less than 2x (...)
For example you are using BPSK modulation, and the bits after decoder is between i.e -0.593 -0.29 etc. So if the symbols are greater than 0, it is 1 if it is less than zero it is -1 this is what we call hard decis. This is same for all coding types if you use BPSK modulation..
For the same power ratings, transformer size of forward converter is smaller than flyback. Output current ripples in forward converter is also less than flyback. In CCM mode, right half plane zero in flyback poses a control challenge.
It takes 1uS for 4 amp to ramp down to zero with 40 volt drive on 10uH leakage, and a further 1uS to ramp up again to 4 amp with 40 volt of drive, you are seeing the net effect of leakage inductance impedance opposing the AC current you are trying to push through the transformer. While the current thru the Tx is less than the current in (...)
Hi there, I would like to impose two condition on a matrix 1. if the value is less than -1, then the value of respective element will be zero 2. if the value is greater than 1, then the value of respective element will be zero I need to do it by one command (I don't want to use for loop since it (...)
hello; How to set a radio button in matlab gui to be automatically change its value property condition? For example: if 1 is less than zero, the value property of radio button will automatically change to "1" if not, the value property of radio button is still on "0" condition Please help me
Hi: I am designing a 2.4GHz PA using AsGa, but the S21 is less than zero. I want to know whether it is normal? thanks very much!!
Think of it as a relay, like it looks. If you don't edit the von, voff properties then it simply closes when the control terminal difference is greater than zero. However changing the properties to make it open / close over a finte range, and have finite nonzero conductance in both states will make it less "ideal" (...)
This does not mean that an unmodulated transmitter signal that is continuously switched on, will not take up bandwidth on the specific frequency part of the radio spectrum. If you switch it on and off, now the signal is modulated (ASK = amplitude shift keying) and the modulation determines the bandwidth. E
The zero mains voltage waveform is more or less meaningless, but it doesn't seem wrong anyhow. The 10V AC waveform shows the output transistor in operation. You must consider, that you won't see a squarewave at this high operation frequency rather than soft, resonant switching. Most likely the waveform shows regular behaviour.
what is pinch off? and why current is not zero if vds ≥ (vgs-vp)? A JFET operates by shutting off an already formed channel between source and drain in the transistor, unlike a MOSFET where the gate voltage creates a channel between source and drain. I think you mean vds less than vgs-vp. The drain to source in
But the problem is I couldnot get less than 2V when microcontroller is active(that is when inputs are applied). I am using AT89S51. It's output is working on logic zero. I want to get less than 1V to properly operate the relay. try a 4.7K resistor instead of the 1K resistor you are using. (between the (...)
You may want to take a look at: # The purpose of this verification project is to verify an AIS detect DUT. The DUT detects AIS as explained below: # The DUT declares an AIS if there are less than two zero bits in last two sequences of 512 bits in an input stream. # The input stream is recieved via a simple interface: data byte and data (...)
The negative 3 V will be a problem; clamp the input with a suitable diode. The FPGA will "read" the input voltage of more than 2.3 V as a binary 1 and less than 2.2 V as a zero
In the last years, i have found that some antennas with less gain (or size) can equal to a offset dish with bigger gain/size...why does this happens? I give three At just 43cm, this powerful dish offers the performance of an offset 60cm dish. Gain (dB): 33.0"
Sound signal power is not accumulative, means that the pressure would not add more if we apply more sound. So, in this case, if the ambient sound is already 40dB, than you cannot measure sound less than that. Different from light, if you measure the ambient is about 1Cd, a 0,5Cd light can be measure by offset zero the (...)
The two figures are DEFINITELY NOT THE SAME! Figure A has positive feedback greater than unity and will tend to either collapse to the zero current state or increase to an extremely high current state. Figure B has positive feedback less than unity and will tend to go to the expected current state, as long as there is (...)
As far as I know, convergence refers to having a solution which results in an error which is less than the target. In a circuit simulator, the routine is trying to solve for the node voltages while trying to make sure that algebraic sum of currents into that node is zero (Kirchoff's Current Law - KCL). Instead of zero, a (...)
Hello, everyone! I have a level49 bsim3v3 mos model. I use it to simulate some circuits using hspice. But the .lis file shows that fatal: Delta=*** is less than zero when some w and l is used. But other w and l is ok. Could anynoe tell me why? thanks very much! Regards!