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Input offset voltage is the voltages aplied to the inputs of OP amp so as to take out zero voltage from the output of it. Normally, it is less than 1 mV, a noise level.
I think RZ is having more BER than NRZ. Manchester is having very less BER compared to other line coding schemes. Regards, tarak
1/(C_OL*L_OL)^0.5 must be less than simulation min. frequency.
can anyone help me to find very low leakage mosfet ? zero gate voltage drain current should be less than 100 na. thanks
For the analog signals, it is easy: the 4-20mA range actually was designed especially to allow you to distinguish a loss of signal from a zero signal. Therefore, if you measure something that is much less than 4mA, you know there is no sensor present (or the wires are broken or shorted). For the digital signals you are describing, things (...)
Can the noise figure of an amplifier be less than unity? as i made ADS simulation of noise, and obtain NF in values sometimes less than unity.. what's its units ? dB or ratio? Also, how can it be less than one?!?!?! thanks in advance, Ahmad,
Mosfet are a active load BJT are the current, but the right one has a less current than the other one.
The structure of the two algorithms are similar, but multiplications in ZF are simpler (one of the terms comes from a small set of values). Their convergence properties are different: A necessary condition for the convergence of the ZF algorithm is that the eye must be initially open (peak ISI less than 1). MSE algorithm does not have this type of
Dear all, I am doing a project titled "Power Modelling of embedded SRAM". There are 2 types of SRAM cells that I need to take care of one is the standard SRAM and the other is the assymetric SRAM cell (where writing a zero is significantly less energy consuming than writing a one). The model should provide an estimate of the power (...)
hi, I need an IC which can perform the following function. (1) Just ONE voltage input, Vin. (2) Just ONE voltage output, Vout. (3) If Vin is less than a threshold (say, 1.8V), Vout is zero. (4) If Vin is larger than this threshold, Vout = Vin. I have considered to use a voltage (...)
A signal with guassian distribution will have -9dB less than the maximun of SNR = 6.02n + 1.76 dB. Bastos
Ignore the replies about stability issues with NI amplifiers having a gain less than one. In this case the stability will be determined by the noise gain (from non-inverting input to output) which will approach 1 (from above) as the inverting gain is decreased towards zero.
DC-50MHz,the vias resistence and inductance can be ignored, They are very small ,less than 1OHm or 1nH.