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Hello, How to make fast (<10ns) level shift from 5 to 40V ? Thanks all !
What is clamp level shifter cell and how can it work as isolation cell? The idea behind this ques is to have single cell that can solve 2 purpose, 1> level-shift the signal to required voltage level and 2> (...)
Thanks for your reply. My circuit actually is a PN sequence and the output of this circuit goes to another circuit, so I want to calculate the level signal of the out put of the PN sequence which is a closed loop circuit
Use a driver IC, e.g. Microchip TC42x. It's a two channel level translator and power gate driver.
I want to get a lower voltage than input, how to do the level shift? For example: the input voltage is about 5v, but I want to use it at 2.5v. thanks.
Dear all: Does anybody know a circuit or IC that can translate a TTL level to +/- 5V? regards
use pnp input stage to detect voltages close to ground, use pnp level shift + pnp input stages to detect voltage < GND. Also, pnp will inherently have low offset. Keep gain low (20-50) in first stage, then offset of second stage does not matter - probably even cmos diff amp is ok.