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I am not checking your code! I want to give the input in code itself.I don't want to use testbench to give different serial inputs. A test-bench is highly recommended. Your design/logic needs to interact with the outside world. The top-level ports are the path-ways for your design/logic to receive and output data. How do you feed-i
No. Don't do it. First perform a level-shift and then divide the input voltage. This can be done by applying superposition techniques.
Why don't you understand that a gain (an increase) of -1.5 is not attenuation, it is a gain (an increase) of 1.5 times but the output is inverted (180 degrees phase shift from the input phase)? A gain of -10 is a gain (an increase) of 10 times and again the output is inverted. A gain of +0.1 is attenuation where the output (...)
128912 1)first stage of 2 series diff amp. It says its level shifting. What level does shift from and to? 2)at the output stage, two inverter with their output tied together. What's purpose of that?
Hi, I want to measure current of 0-50A. For that, in my application I am using HE100T01 hall effect sensor which can measure current from -100A to +100A(depending on the direction of flow it gives -ve and +ve values). The Hall effect sensor gives a current output of -50mA to +50mA. Since my micro controller ADC can't measure negative voltage,
Hello The input of my circuit is between -1 to +1. I need to shift the voltage level to 0-2 to measure the signal with an ADC. My whole circuit is single supply and works with +5. My signal is DC-coupled. Anybody can help me design a voltage shifter for this board?
Hi, guys, I have a question about the interface between sensor and ADC. I have a power detector that produces voltage levels ranging from 0.26V to 1.1V. My selected ADC input voltage range is 0-3.3V. My question is that is that really necessary to build a interface using op-amp to map 0.26V to 0V and 1.1V to 3.3V accordingly? Since the (...)
Would you mind to draw a transistor level circuit and explain where you see two signal inversions respectively 360 phase shift? Obviously there's only one signal inversion, switching the loop phase by 180 degree. The oscillation condition could be fullfilled if the loop gain has three poles providing additional 180 degree phase (...)
What are disadvantages of inverter as level shifter? Why we can't use it?
I have a 3.3V AC voltage source. I want to level shift it by 3.3V (D.C. level shift). The circuit should work like a clamper circuit. How can i possibly design a circuit for the same? Is there any IC which does the same?
Hello, Here are simulations ( in the free LTspice) of a Full Bridge SMPS, and a Phase shift Full Bridge SMPS. Why is it that the phase shift full bridge smps has a dc bias level in its magnetising current? (you can see the magnetising current by pasting the supplied expression in the simulation schematic into the (...)
I would have a level shifter then a non inverting gain of about 3.3
If you are looking only to shift the frequency, any RF mixer would follow at its IF output the RF input level, if the mixer is not in compression (RF input level is below P1dB of the mixer). So, you can use any standard DBM (double-balanced mixer) which will preserve your modulation and levels.
Below is difference between all 3 constraitns : ATPG constraints : applied for shift and capture both Cell constraints : applied to scan cell only. PI constraints : apply to Top level Input only and effect during capture only. Hope you understand. Regards, Maulin Sheth
Are you considering the fact that resistor terminal voltage must be inside the Vss to Vdd range? Means a 0..-5 negative regulator needs Vss =-5, Vdd = 0V and level shift for the control inputs.
Dc soil sensors are much LESS accuracte than ac and also suffer from galvanic voltage errors and possible corrosion. This would be measure the capacitance of soil with water, which has a diectric constant of 60, whereas resistance varies an order of magnitude dpending on fertilized content. So you may find the apparent level (...)
Dear all I need to design a circuit which used to shift down a logic level from 1.8V to 0.9V. I search in the google and ieeexplore, but all the references and papers are designed for level-up. Due to this is a tiny structure, so that this structure maybe just mentioned as part of a whole paper. (...)
Hi, in my project i have two sin waves (few Hz to about 2kHz) that are 90 deg out of phase (TLL levels). What I need to do is determine if wave A is currently leading or trailing wave B so naturally after using LM393 I wanted to use 4046B and its Phase Comparator II output. Wave A goes to pin 14, and B to pin 3 of 4046. At pin 13 i put (...)
This looks like a level shift problem with attenuation that requires R ratios and a reference voltage. Gain 5/8 Offset -50mV
Just use a 74HCT541 chip (5v supply) , the "T" stands for TTL level compatibility anything below 0.8v is translated to a low level and anything >2v is translated to a high level

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