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I am synthesizing a cholesky decomposition algorithm using verilog and synopsys DC. I've also written a customized cell library, which contains the following cell: and OR XOR IV Nand NOR XNOR DFF MUX It was sufficient for me to compile functions like Division and Sqrt.
Our embedded target board is based on Renesas RH850F1L Microcontroller. Our language is 'C'. A software library creates a instance of this structure and provides me a pointer to this structure. What is a good application interface that can be used to provide d0.Fact and d1.Fact to application (...)
Hi friends, can anybody suggest me the steps to import the Advanced Design System 2011 GDSII file into Cadence Virtuoso 6.1.4 UMC65nm. I imported and I gave layer map file also but it is showing an error of " ERROR (XSTRM-74): target library 'IND' is attached to the technology library (...)
The CPU is the synopsys IP. One of the ARC CPUs? Which one? Can you move up to one of the higher freq designs or switch vendor? What's your target freq and process and negative slack? Do you have the ability to change cell library? Perhaps enable use of lower VT or more larger cell height?
Hi I'm trying to implement with design compiler. I just wondering about affect on hvt, rvt to scan or clock insertion. What is the best method which used library when scan and clock insertion? I usually used as follows. library read only rvt target (...)
Include only those type of cells(2 in this case) in your target library
Not knowing the intermediate steps (and probably not having much good idea about their details anyway), I'd suggest: - Look at what the process is to bring across the library device symbols - is it done at all, is the result in some odd place just waiting to be hooked up, is it a separate action to create the target (...)
I'm trying to include the math.h functions and it can't copy the file. mksketch -C pro328 -N atmega328p -F 8000000 ../main.ino Can't copy Arduino library math make -f arduino/Makefile ... make: *** No rule to make target `math.l', needed by `libraries'. Stop. make: ***
Hello there, I am trying to synthesize FabScalar with Nangate 45 nm cell libarary. When I synthesize it, I get this warning: Warning: target library contains no replacement for register 'lsuPacket0_reg' (**FFGEN**). (TRANS-4) and when I look up into the generated netlist I have something like this: \**FFGEN** l
Standard cell height depends on the design choice, if you want a 12-track, 14-track standard cell or any other height. Track here denotes m1 pitch (min width+spacing) allowed in a technology. A particular technology node can have more than one height of standard cell library depending on the application, (...)
Hi. target library: A technology library that Design Compiler maps to during optimization. Along with the link_library and search_path variables, you need to specify the logical library that will be used for (...)
Logic library provides timing, area, power, functionality descriptions. target is to indicate the name of the std cell library name. Link path for all libraries: I/O, RAM/ROM/EEPROM, custom block, std cells.
let's make it easy: In front end (for example:synopsys design vision) you need at least 2 technology files: 1. a .db file for link and target library. 2. a .sdb file for symbol library. in back end (for example soc encounter) you need at least these files: 1. timing libraries(.lib files) (...)
hello every one i would ask you in an example embedded in MikroC that illustrates how to use PIC to control through ETHERNET i executed the example and it works successfully , here it's /* * Project Name: enc28j60Demo (Ethernet library demo for ENC28J60 mcu) * target Platform: PIC * Copyright: (...)
Hi everyone... i really need help... i run the ic compiler gui already using icc_shell -gui and have my setup done using the gui also... my search path, link library and target library are setup already and the same is done with my TLU+ files... i have (...)
Hi everyone, I am using Faraday-90nm library. My lib_search path for tcl file is /Cadence/libraries/Faraday-90nm-Faraday90nm-SP/Design-Kits/2010/fs0a_a//2010Q4v2.1/GENERIC_CORE/FrontEnd/synopsys/synthesis and the target library is fs0a_a/generic_core_ff1p32vm40c.lib. The verilog file is (...)
Hi i am anita, Currently my target core is PIC32MX795F512H in which i want CDC to be up. In Microchip Application library , there is a demo code for PIC32MX795F512L in ..\Microchip Solutions v2012-04-03\USB\Device - CDC - Basic Demo\Firmware\USB Device - CDC - Basic Demo - PIC32MX795F512L PIM. I want to use the same demo code (...)
One thing to do is to creat new project and selecte the target device. This will automatically add the header file for your target device. One more thing to check is that, while working with ADC, you might have not included the ADC library. Add this library from (...)
I think you can specify both lib A and lib B in link library and specify target library as lib Design Compiler...once check and let me know
The target_library specifies the name of the technology library that corresponds to the library whose cells the designers want DC to infer and finally map to. The link_library defines the name of the (...)