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HI, At my company, we use Cadence Allegro Design Entry CIS and have a centralized library for all the components. The schematic symbols are maintained as a library file (OLB), but the footprints are maintained as individual files (.dra). Now I was trying to convert the existing library to altium( (...)
Hello, I am making changes to comoponents ion the schem library then in the schem i am going "update from libraries", and the component symbols are not you know whats wrong?
Try to find same type of symbol/footprint from altium library. Compare the pitch, pad dimension and lead span with component datasheet
In altium 15.0 I made a new footprint in a custom library which I made previously. This is the 6th footprint I have made in this library and once I finished it I saved and compiled the library and everything seemed to work fine. In my schematic file in another project I clicked on a (...)
You need to check if the footprint associated to PCB device matches to the pinouts of the SCH component in the library.
The reason of this happening is that the component jumps far out of the boundaries of your screen because the origin (center) of the footprint was set incorrectly. Return to the footprint library where you made the footprint, then use Edit => Origin to return it to the center of your footprint. Then choose (...)
The footprint of such an LCD module is a single row of 100 mil pitched pads, so you could simply use a header from the standard connectors library as footprint. However, as marce already explained, it's absolutely paramount to learn how to draw your own schematic symbols and footprints because sooner or later you'll be (...)
Add the footprint library (PcBLib) to your project and then select "Any" in the footprint selection dialog window.
when I enter the 3D Step Model to my pcb library, the model does not appear.... i have go to Place > 3D Body, i'm choice Generic Step Model, then i'm hit Ambed Step Model, and i have chose my Step File, but when i'm click OK Button, the Model isn't Appear / Show in my PCB doc/ library..... Can someone Help me?.....
It is called multi part component in altium. You need to create the component in proper way in library, where each symbol is drawn as Part under one Component. Look at New Part command in schematic symbol editor. Then you need to have same Designator to all parts to get them all to one footprint. Petr
I want to add single contact relay(G5LE-117-ASI-PS) in altium Designer .AnyOne can help me Find library?!
Hi, I want to import library from protel v2.8 in altium. Please tell me how to do that.
Is there anyway to import a PMOS symbol for the part I'm making? I'm trying to make a library for a PMOS but I can't figure out how to import a symbol or use one of altium's built in library and use that symbol.
There isn't any kind of quad transistor array in altium library. I really need it for my PCB. I would be grateful if anybody tells me how can I create a model for quad transistor array in altium? Thanks
Hello I'm a New member here. I'm making a circuit schematic but I can not find the component and footprint Reed Switches in the library that I have So, which library where I can find a footprint reed switch? Reed Switch Symbol: Click Please include a link where
Hi All. I know to import 3D STEP on altium PCB footprint (from footprint Lib > Place > 3D Body). But I can see, there is another option of adding PCB3D Lib at Schematic library. Please see the attached picture. I create a separate PCB3D Lib using a R 0603 STEP and added in into Schematic Lib ... but what is the (...)
You could just make a component in the library and use the accordian feature to create an antenna footprint possibly?
DIP8 is a footprint, not a component, so it's not expected to be found in a component library. SW-DIP4 is most likely a DIP switch. What do you want to achieve with DIP8 footprint?
Yes, you can create a single schematic component (with a single footprint) that has separate child symbols representing each of the independent parts within the component. For instance, a single LM348 contains four discrete 741 op-amps in a single SOIC package. After you add/create the new LM348 component in your schematic library, choose "Tools
footprint can be added to component in schematic library editor. footprint can be edited in pcb liprary editor.