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You need to go to the mentor website or see your local distrubutor to upgrade your modelsim licence. It's not cheap - a few $1000
What are my options for simulating verilog-a code using the cadence software. I have full licensed cadence version 6.1.6.You can use Verilog-A in MMSIM(Spectre). Does NC-verilog support verilog-a?If you have licence of AMS for NCSim, you can use Verilog-AMS in NCSim. This
1. Make your testbench self checking so you do not need a waveform. 2. Remove the clocks from the waveform, or hide them inside signal groups. 3. dont use the -novopt switch 4. only simulate the logic you are interested in. Replace other modules with behavioural models. 5. Pay for a more expensive licence (the cheaper licences have a "go-slow" buil
Nope, for that you'll need a licence with any version.
I have a problem with my modelsim license.I have recently(less than a month) intalled a student version of modelsim,more exactly modelsim 10.1 PE student worked fine for a while,but now when i try to simulate it says it cannot because the license has expired. I'm surprised because in the mail i received it says that the license is avail
I thought I replied to this last night - I guess the forum broke: Basically, for each co-simulation block you put in your simulink model, you need another instance of modelsim running - and you need 1 licence for each instance!! The answer is to create a VHDL wrapper that instantiates all of your VHDL blocks in 1 file, and connects to a single mode
First of all, you need a simulator with a mixed mode licence (Minimum modelsim PE) second, create a component in the VHDL architecture that matches the port description of the verilog module, and make all ports std_logic. Instantiate it and it should just run fine.
hi i am facing problem in running modelsim 6.5 on windows 7. the software has been installed properly but the licence is not being recognised by the OS. Has anyone any idea about what to do? Regards Usama
Hello Friends, I am looking for modelsim 6.5 software for my own use for rtl coding verification, and i need the details how to install it and update the licence file. if any body have the same.....please help me in this issue........... thank
Is questa is licence free Tool?? Can we do Coverage analysis in modelsim.
Hi. Add the file poller.vhd or poller.v into your modelsim project and complile that file. Now compile the top block. If you cant run modelsim, check your license. Run licence wizard. Hope it helps Thanks
U can try pasting the licence request string on to your browser's address bar to get the licence mailed to you. Thats what we do on windows based modelsim, U need not do it from the very same Linux machine that u r using, U can copy that string from the text file in the modelsim folder and try pasting it on any (...)