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Unclear what you want to do with the card related to light and AC. The card has no buttons, so it can't be used as remote control. A usual technique is to have a mechanical power switch activated for the room when the key card is stored in a respective holder. The operation is not specific to the type of card put in, and isn't needed to be.
Hi, Yes, you can use connect two outputs of ULN2003A to one side of Lamp and another side of Lamp to +12.0V. Short both bases of channel 1 and 2 and drive it through a PIC TTL 5V pin but use base resistor as mentioned in the datasheet. Two channels in parallel can handle 500 mA current. Don't use single channel. Single channel rating is 500
Hello, you may be familiar with the situation. You have old light wiring in your house, so there's one live wire and one wire going to lightbulb. And you want to roll your own smart switch connected to wifi or controlled by remote control. So you obviously miss the neutral wire and try hard to overcome this (...)
Hi All I want to make and switch to control light in cabinet. I need to switch 220 VAC with triac and reed switch. I will place a magnet to door and I will place main box across magnet. The maximum lenght is 15 cm between door and main box. I think reed switch will work properly. You (...)
108206 Hi every body. I am trying to create automatic light control circuit for washroom. I made some thing and want to share with experts. Please check the circuit and tell me if I am missing or using anything extra in the circuit. Let me explain my circuit and problem; I place magnet on the door and this circui
Hello, I need to control the intensity of a car headlight (~60W, 12V @ 5A for full intensity) through LabVIEW. I've interfaced an arduino to LabVIEW and can control an output voltage from 0-5VDC with fairly fine control. I need to use this voltage as a control signal for controlling the (...)
okay i will explain u abt my project..... there is a timer mode in my project.... if i give particular time delay..the light has to switch on at that time...for that i am using 16 bit timer... it has to work between 1 min to 240 mins. for example i want to switch on light after x mins.....i have to vary the potentiometer so (...)
So what could I do to dimm the light ? Use phase angle control as suggested by crutschow. Generally, if you bring in new problems to the thread (e.g. light dimming as in post #6) tell clearly what you want to achieve. It's really mysterious what 1 kHz PWM has to do with "relay switch lifetime".
I?ve made a circuit of an AC controller (light dimmer) with 3 on/off switch to control AC load. I used PIC microcontroller to control the whole things. Detail description - 1. Three relay (6V dc; 250V AC, 10A) to switch on/off three AC loads. PIC MCU takes input using (...)
This circuit of lighting control does not have a central control unit. It is a system where every switch will have ?direct talk? with the source of light. If the switch and source of light will be equipped with adeq
Hi, Thats a good attempt, very nearly there ... Below is your code with a couple of important points detailed in caps. One of the important things is the oscillator /frequency you are uing as that affects your delays, though there is no mention what you are using. The code builds fine but I have not checked your detailed progam / logic
Hello sir I usually observed many of the decorative light arrays or chains with multi coloured or single colour light of 50 , 100 or 200 l.e.d. etc , that they have a circuitry to control the lighting pattern with a press button (micro switch) mounted on circuitry box . . . Inside the box i found a small (...)
dear all i just want to know that how can i control the different appliances using a single switch with the help of interrupt. let if i press the switch one time then it should make on a light, second time then fan, third time than ac & so on upto minimum 12 appliances
you can proceed as following : its a simple and cheep way: 1)buy a simple Remote control Motor car (kids Toy). the remote control of these toys only have switching signals i.e; pulses. 2)take the receiver out of the car's body. 3)connect the receiver with a bistable multivibrator circuit (may be built by a 555timer IC, a resistor and a (...)
LCD backlight could be ON and OFF with a switch directly, but it is not recommended you have to write a programme through third intrrupt nad add transistor to ON back light. why not? could you please explain in detail..
to all, i am planning to build a mini beacon light at front and back (if there is a space) and also build a small siren in front of bicycle together with a switch to control both siren and beacon light. 1st what type of battery should i put for the control of beacon light (the (...)
i want to switch on light, fan etc with remote .. i am having a card receiver and remote purchased from market.. in which if press the remote for one second then it will give a normal close contact for one second or 12v dc for one second... can anyone help me how to make a permanent normal closed contact or normal open contact with a impule from c
Hello. I am a current student working on an electronics project. My professor has instructed us to go on the web and find a schematic on a digitally controlled light dimmer switch using a triac. After a few hours of searching I have found nothing that even remotely looks like what my professor is asking me to find. I was hoping someone on (...)
Hello I was on my way to finish a small circuit when I realized it was self-killing itself out of power when it should actually do it's duty. It's a basic remote AC wall switch layout that control a light, so two wires operated normally. I hacked a LEVITON switch to add my own IR sensor, and a pic to timerize things, (...)
Mate, that’s quite a lot of expectations from one little microcontroller .. i want to control .. .. me too .. no, seriously: Do you WANT to switch them on and off only, or individually change the speed and dim the light? IanP :|