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To be honest, i need it for line follower robot... for example voltage between 0 to 1.6 it activate port0.0 as high for upper than that make it low. I just want to have this sample for expanding my algorithm as line follower robot. Can u help me with that? Also i've written a program which has problem that (...)
hello ALL , I build line follower robot -based pic16F877A and ULN2003A when i made the program it is work with isiss, but when i put it in the pic 1 motor rotates and the other 1 no pls check it fot me , i write it with micro pascal , pls help me . This is the program : program Robotsuiveurdeligne; (...)
please dont encourage or divert people of forum by offering complete help. only guidance will be given and home works not done here. if it exists anywhere in web, give the link to learn. this code is similar to line follower robot, am i correct in this assumption. then it will be very easy program. put your circuit diagram here.
line follower ROBOT line follower Robot
I have made the following program for a line follower, But it shows the following error for AVR studio. can you help me out? Below is the program /*Connect the Sensors to PortA Pin 0 (Rightmost Sensor) to Pin 4 (Leftmost Sensor)*/ #include #include #include //#include"stepper.h" (...)
Anybody help to me. I had Moc 7811 ic. I want do a project using that component,like speed measure and line follower. can you give any circuit for that components
Here is a line follower.
Hi there, I have recently started my own little project to keep me occupied in my spare time. I have recently been getting into writing simple programs using C and C++. I started looking into ways of implimenting written programs into electronics hardware as I have quite a lot of expirence with the design of simple electronic circuits. This is whe
Hi friends, i wish to do a line follower robot using at89c2051... for that i want to write assembly language program.. can anybody help me:?:
Hi, I have a robot with 2 Stepper motors connecting to a PIC16F877A and I am adding a line follower application on it... I got the circuit done with 3 pairs of Infrared Sensors for Left, Middle and Right but now I don't know how to program it. Preferably I would like to use Micro C. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks.
Hi i'm getting two errors in this program "Warning: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\line follower.c(178): function parameter 'delay' was not referenced" "Warning: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\line follower.c(178): function parameter 'power' was not referenced" i'm using (...)
am asking on how to make a circiut for linefollower connect to two dc motors& how to connect them to plc so tht i can program plc on a task i want to do it automatically just push start bottom please if u can help reply me
is anyone know how to make a line follower's program using at89s51??? i'm still newbie...
Hi every one........... I have project build robot line follower with AT89C2051 and i have list program on C language like this : #include d:\mc51\8051io.h #include d:\mc51\8051reg.h extern register unsigned char speedleft,speedright; register unsigned char high,low,flag,time; main() { P1=0x40; P3=0xff; high = 80; (...)
Salam, May be this help you. line follower ROBOT Using AT89C2051 & C SphinX
Hi semicondutor, Here your robot line follower Robot Movie1 Movie2 You will find schematics + hex codes. Bye SphinX