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this time I am working on the a project for linear and circular interpolation. I am using atmega 16. I want to know that how will I feed the program in it. and before it how will I check my program whether it is right or not. I read about codevisionavr but didn't understand that which version should I use. Help me.
Is your problem ripple, noise or instability? Ripple due to switching should be removed by the linear regulator section. The linear regulator will be very sensitive to what is on the programming input - 5mV on there will translate to 0.5V on the output. So, you need to make sure the program voltage is very clean. A quick (...)
hi everyone!... I need a Matlab program of linear programming algorithm (this is an equation only - Please see the attach file for this equation). Can anyone help me to write this program? Thanks in Advance. Farhad.
Try this: Convex Optimization, S. Boyd and L. Vandenberghe, Chapter 5 and this: linear and Nonlinear programming, D. G. Luenberger, Chapter 10
Wow, though question...with out HW configuration, I say "Use increment linear function than decrement linear function"! For example use for function i=0 than i++ and j=i than j-- Like that.
A handy software for solving linear programming problems for engineers and mathmaticians.
i want to know that who r the best books for digital system design, linear control system
Hi... According with Ali Hajimiri et al. (e.g. in "Concepts and Methods in Optimization of Integrated LC VCOs"), you can fix trade-offs VCO LC based on varactor value (Cv), channel width (Wn), current consumption (I), and inductor. But, I donīt understand how all these variables are mathematically related each other, througth simple (...)
I see this problem like this: every tap (in your case x**14 and x**15) in LFSR (linear-feedback shift register) of your polynomial adds one additional error in the receiver. So the sum of all errors is three since original error plus two tap errors equals three. I'm not sure about your code since I don't understand the (...)
Nocedal J., Wright S.J. Numerical optimization(ISBN 0387987932) linear programming: Foundations and Extensions-- Robert Vanderbei
Simplex is a classic method for solving linear programming problems. I think you can try google using "linear programming solver". But actually simplex method is kind of simple you can even write a solver yourself. You may end up with looking at integer programming or more generally known as "knapsack (...)

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