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Hi all, For my design in cadence I would like to simulate linearity over frequency. So far I had no succes. I'm using the ADEXL environment. I can successfully simulate the P1dB at a single frequency using a PSS analysis where I sweep my prf input power using a single input frequency & auto calculated beat frequency. However when I try to also
I am working on a highly linear differential amplifier design using cadence. please suggest the issue that must keep in mind while designing linear system Are you asking how to MEASURE resp. simulate linearity properties or how to DESIGN a diff. amp with "good" linearity?
hi i have designed a downconversion mixer, i hv measured conversion gain, noise figure, linearity but not able to measure bandwidth or freq range of mixer. i tried PSS + PSP but in this only IF freq i m able to sweep but did'nt get the option to sweep RF frequency. can any1 suggest me wat to do
Hi all I am designing a double balanced mixer is BiCMOS technology. I want to find the linearity (iip3) of the mixer i cadence. Can anyone help me. I got a pdf about qpss and qpac ... but it is very confusing and i am not understanding. Thanks in advance
The most important parameters of a mixer that need to be measured are: -Conversion Gain or Loss -linearity (Input Intercept Point as IIP3) -Spurious products -Ports Isolation -Noise Figure
IIP3 point is not a real point, it's an extrapolated point that's why an extrapolation is done to find out the xIP3 ( even xIP2 etc) For that reason, this field should be filled by minimum power level which has been applied to the system being as variable power. But if the linearity has some strange behaviours due to model accuracy or other reasons
Hi all, This is my first post so I just wanted to thank you all for all the stuff you have put up here, it has helped me a lot and I hope I can at least give back as much as I learned... So I am designing a linear low frequency amplifier and I am looking for an expression to measure the gai
Hi! I have some problems with cadence. How can I measure the linearity of amplifier by this softwear? (for input frequancy - 3GHz) Thank you very much!!
Hi all, I've designed an active RC LPF. The AC response looks OK. I want to simulate the linearity of it with cadence Spectre RF. Could anybody tell me how to do this? What kind of simulations I should use etc. thanks
The easiest way is to do input dc sweep. Then you may see the output range of your amp. If you want a linear amp, do THD is a good way to check the linearity of your circuit. THD in cadence: do "tran", get the output waveform, use "thd" function" to get the value.
Dear all, I am now designing an input buffer in the track and hold (using switched emitter topology). I was wondering how should I test the input buffer that I have designed in cadence? What kind of measurement should I be taking? P1dB? IIP3? Can anyone please provide me guildance on how to carry out those measurement in cadence. Thank you very
how to simulate linearity of RSSI in spectre of cadence ? Thank you for your help!