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I am learning to use dc_shell for synthesizing Currently I am trying to understand why I have to set a link_library and what is the difference between link_library and target_library. To understand what the tool does when I set a (...)
Hello guys, What information does logic library contain?? like pin to pin timing, power etc??? And further two types of logic library: 1)target 2)link What do u mean by target and link libraries??What information they contain?? Thanks (...)
what are the library requires when we go gate level simulation in NCSIM Simulator You require following libraries: 1)target library 2)link library 3)Symbol library 4)Synthetic library
let's make it easy: In front end (for example:synopsys design vision) you need at least 2 technology files: 1. a .db file for link and target library. 2. a .sdb file for symbol library. in back end (for example soc encounter) you need at least these files: 1. timing libraries(.lib files) (...)
Hi everyone... i really need help... i run the ic compiler gui already using icc_shell -gui and have my setup done using the gui also... my search path, link library and target library are setup already and the same is done with my TLU+ files... i have created a Milkyway (...)
I think you can specify both lib A and lib B in link library and specify target library as lib Design Compiler...once check and let me know
The target_library specifies the name of the technology library that corresponds to the library whose cells the designers want DC to infer and finally map to. The link_library defines the name of the (...)
Hi: Anyone can Help me that in design compiler, how to transfer verilog file my.v into schematic view with technology myself,e.g.,tsmc,but not synopsis provide? I add target library and link library with tsmc in design analyzer, but after elaborating, my.v is composed by some module (...)
are there any predefined libraries (target and link) for a DFT compiler that i can use? or do i need to provide a new one everytime? do i need to write a .db file everytime for the same or can it be generated?
I think you did not mention the target and link library in IC Compiler. ICC needs the target and link library setup as similar to Design compiler. You have to mention it before going to open library, as below: set (...)
In your .synopsys_dc.setup, the target library and link library files need to be defined. These link_library is nothing but your target library and any memory (...)
hi, my 2 cents, if i understand the question correctly, is it "Technology migration", say you have a netlist with 130nm and you want the same to port to 45nm or so . link library = 130nm target library = 45nm regenerate the netlist. myprayers, chip design made easy
Salam, Sure you can link Matlab simulink with ccs using C6000 target support library that comes with MATLAB. There is a demo for DSK C6713 . Read the document ti6000 in matlab for how to configure and run this demo. Bye
Hi Bhargav, In synopsys you have .synopsys_dc_setup file. In this file you have to specify your link and target library in order to map your logic to actual library. If you don't specify any library as target and link lib. (...)
target library is the library, which you will use to 'map' your RTL onto. There can be multiple target libraries. where as link library is the library, which you may use to 'link' sub (...)
Hi I got some \**SEQGEN**\ while doing synthesis using design compiler. What is this \**SEQGEN** \ ? Please let me know in detail. Regards This \**SEQGEN**\ elements appear when you forget to amp your design with link library ... Give the proper link and target Libraries and after "Analyze" (...)
You need to set the link library and target library path. Use the following commands in the dc_shell: dc_shell> set link_library_path $SYNOPSYS/libraries/syn/lsi_10k.db dc_shell> set (...)
Yes possible with DC. But its not as accurate as synthesized netlist from RTL with targeted library. Step1: smic180nm library in linked library. Step2 : tsmc130nm library in target (...)
write -format -output Remember to mention the link and target library properly. If still incorrect plz capture your screen and error and upload here. Hope i have helped u a bit.
You need a target library . target library is basically a collection of standard cells. You may also need link library , if you are using hard macros.