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Hello everyone... I'm studying Electrotecnics Engineering and we are going to program an 8051 compatible micro controller. The DS89C450. I already built my electronic circuit and I'm using an FTDI 5V to convert RS232+MAX232 into USB to communicate with uC and I'm also using a crystal of 110592MHz. I wrote a small program just to test thing
For the last ten years of career I worked on an imbedded telemetry system using OS/9 (linux on a chip) as the main processor and 8051 machine interface units on a bitbus bus. The software was written by a software house. we also used Siemans control systems, again the software was written by a software house. Can you see where this is going? As I s
If you have sufficient knowledge of linux OS. then you can start reading about "linux Porting on Embedded Hardware" "U-Boot and Grub Bootloader".. and file types etc... Slowly you will get an idea. Best of Luck
Hi All, I am using the development board designed for AT89S8252. I am using Mandriva 2010.2 and i am using sdcc for compiling the code and generating hex code. The board is designed in such a way that we will be dumping our hex code through the parallel port using a software named "PONYPROG". Now i have switched over to Ubuntu linux. I'
Yes...Embedded Is wast domain...First you should have thorough knowledge in C/C++ Programming so better to start with programming, after that learn on linux Programming, Micro Controllers, RTOS, TCP/IP Protocols, And some protocols like I2C, CAN, RS232, Bluetooth etc....
Hi, thanks for taking time. I'm a high level linux C++ programmer, and somehow new to electronics. I've bought 2 AT89LP6440 MCUs and now to program them using GCC, I need headers! Does anyone know how can I find headers? I found them in Atmel, but they seem to not be supposed to work with GCC (compiler), and they're also in C, and I need C++
Hello all Greetings for good day.... what is cross-compilation? How it possible in linux i.e give me steps for linux kernel cross compilation for ARM......... I want execute 8051 programs under linux environment...Which compiler is needed for 8051 programs... Thanks & regards Naveenkas
8051 core platform doesn´t support Windows and linux SO and even a high level language like JAVA. See link refered at post #2. +++
An old post resurrected by an ad msg, anyway but might be useful someone else. It is not possible to run linux kernel on 8-bit micro. You need at least a 32-bit microcontoller/microprocessor, prefably having MMU (memory management unit). For 32-bit's without MMU, uClinux may help, but using a device with MMU and enough processing power will mak
Next thing What u can do is to implement your efforts on the board. Once u r done with that...... choose your area of specialization like 1. DSP 2. Device Drivers prog.... 3. ARM based boards.... 4. linux and so-on and keep on moving..... pavan
There are guys working on linux version for PIC Users, why not find them, share your common interest. Funny.
Hi, I got an used A3 plotter and want to build a board to drive two step motors(X,Y) and pen support(just a solenoid). If possible using PIC, AVR or 8051 and their clones with HPGL/PLT support. It may use parallel, serial or USB port and my operating system is linux (DEBIAN LIKE) and Windows XP. Regards, Fernando
I'm looking for a good linux compiler for the Dalas DS80C4xx series microcontrollers and the PIC 18Fxxx/16Cxxx microcontrollers. Any suggestions? Yolan
Codeblocks IDE is a very powerfull IDE for various C/C++ compilers (gcc, vc++). Is free and is available for Windows/linux/BSD. Very usefull for setting up custom compilers (like cross compilers) and includes native support for SDCC (excellent 8051 compiler) and ICC.
Are there any electronic application for debian distro of linux?... i just start using linux so are there any program out there for simuation, pcb drawing... and uc (8051 or pic) programming?
is there a 8051 compiler on linux and what is the best
Sokrat, You can use nice free AVRA assembler for AVR, available for DOS/windows and linux:
Hi all, I have started a course in embeded systems whicch covers the folllowing: Programming in c,C++. UML, Introduction to Analog Electronics. the 8051 micro controller. PowerPC processor. RTOS peripherals linux device drivers,etc What do you think are the books that are very important to Embedded Programmers a
Is anybody know 8051 microcontroller simmulator available for linux
Please try to found sdcc compiler for linux. siswanto