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I have a Telit GL865 GSM/GPRS module which is connected to a Single Board Computer (running ARCH linux.) via serial Port. I have implemented For GPRS connection, PPP connection as indicaten on this page: I can read Cell Tower Signal Strength Level by the following AT Command: AT+CSQ? But
I have a Telit GL865 GSM/GPRS module which is connected to a Single Board Computer (running ARCH linux.) via serial Port. I have implemented For GPRS connection, PPP connection as indicaten on this page:
Ignoring linux and PIC and speaking in terms of generics, using an OS lets you focus on the application tasks/processes instead of you also having to perform task management. Just a simple example: You are making a circuit that has a small LCD display that shows time and temperature. Additionally you're connecting to some serial peripheral to retr
Most Routers & Switches and Smart TV's for home use are using embedded linux to operate the peripherals, flash memory with OS and RAM, There will be a kernel boot loader, OS and facility to update the OS as well as parameter tables using whatever serial ports are available. Ethernet, USB etc. They are also used for GPS touchpads, Medical devices,
Basically do standard debugging steps. In this case, something like: Get known to work example serial script from your favorite matlab example script repository. Pay attention to the fact that serial communication example will be different for windows vs linux. Verify that example works. Use working example as template/inspiration for your code.
I am trying to google some simple terminal with aligned fonts, where i can send and get data in HEX format to rs-232 ports. Basically i want to see two windows: tx and rx. But still did not found any friendly. Googled for serial port terminal linux, etc... There must be something!
have a look at PyGTK also wxSmith which runs on linux and Windows
I have a genuine K150 here and it works fine on XP and linux. It will not be recognized as a K150, only as a com (serial) port. You have to run the Microburn program and select the com port before it reports being a K150. Brian.
Hi I have a prototype hardware with intel CPU that only has serial console (no vga) I am looking for a linux distribution that can boot from USB-stick (cd-rom iso image), and default uses serial console to communicate with the operator. This also has to support new chipsets, hard drives, large memory...
Hi, I have recently moved from Windows to linux and I am trying to keep working with MPLABx in Ubuntu. I have learnt migrating my projects from MPLAB IDE to MPLABx. I have a question, In windows I have used DockLight as hyperterminal for test, analysis and simulation of serial communication protocols. Similarly what is the application tha
Okay. The open the serial port through your PC (ttyS0 if using linux). Now Program your controller to send commands to the PC through serial communication. Run an application in your PC which will start some tasks based on the command received through the UART from uC.
I am trying to execute the following code in ARM kit. Elaborate on the ARM kit to which you are referring. What is the make/model/manufacture of the ARM and development board? Is this device running an Embedded linux as an OS? Is the ARM an S3C2440? Why is the title, "serial Communication with PIC
I am using ISE/EDK 9.1i 32 bit on linux. I've gone through the tutorial and produced the bitstream, downloaded it to the board, but I do not see the specified output on the serial port. Unfortunately, the Xilinx ML310 EDK Base Design you are referring to was implement using EDK 6.2i SP2 / ISE 6.2i SP3. Fran
can proteus run under linux??
I am new with port serial. Do i need to learn port serial in windows first than linux platform? Because I'm trying to program with port serial in virtual linux
can anyone help me to connect gprs in fargo maestro 20 gsm module using at commands???am using a docomo sim...When i connect using atd*99***1# i get "CONNECT" and then some garbage values and at last it shows NO to solve this problem??I am doing this in hyperterminal and also tried the same in serial port terminal in linux... tha
Hi I am new to linux. I have installed ic610 in ubuntu 10.04. After entering "lmli" command following error is coming 74269 And when i enter "icfb &" following error is coming. \e Display :0.0 Error "BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)" \e request 18 error 3 serial 1714 Can i use " Setting up pre-requisites
Hi all, I am using Fedora-16, on my HP-nc6000 laptop( old one ):smile: it has serial port parallel port and 2-usb ports. I googled and found out lpc21isp and lpc2k_pgm works under linux. I downloaded both but found not working. does anyone know some other tool free/opensource which does the same? Thanks in advance Ashok.
The linux command prompt is a terminal that interface to the linux OS. The command prompt will not talk to your GPRS modem linux has may terminal - serial port applications that will give you the same performance as Hyperterminal running on a Win OS. The AT commands for GPRS modem are fairly standard
You need to read up on serial communication. I'm not a real C programmer, but on the PC side I know there are C methodologies for sending data serially. I think it depends on whether your using linux or Windows, etc. On the PIC side, there is lots of info from Microchip about how to implement a serial link. You will need (...)
I have an embedded arm TS-7300 sbc for sale. ARM9 EP9302 200MHz 32MB SDRAM 10 serial port 2 SDcard slot 2 ethernet 800x600 VGA port 55 DIO fast linux debian
I am searching for a cheap programmer for burning PIC18LF25K80 microcontroller. I searched the supporting devices in PICPROG in linux. Unfortunately I couldn't find this one ... Please help me to find a serial or parallel port programmer for burning this chip. Hi, Even my Pickit 2 does not do that chip, you
I'm working on a cross-platform serial library (in C) to communicate to a USB CDC microcontroller (msp430). I have been noticing that when I run my program in linux, it works fantastically well. However, on Mac OSX or Windows 7/XP, every once i a while a packet of data takes a significant time to be received by my program. Since the behavior is pre
But, how to upload the program to atmega8 in linux??....(we are using parallel port for de connection.....) Use ponyprog as AVR ISP Programmer, PonyProg - serial device programmer , This page has complete hardware and software support and download link [url=images.e
Hi. I'm really getting disappointed of even thinking about programmers. I use linux (Ubuntu) and have my programming suite ready on it. I looked for a programmer to flash my program to AT89LP6440, but since I don't live in U.S, I neither found the programmer nor the LP6440 itself, so I seem to have to choose 89C55WD instead (which is far behi
Also you can give a try to LnxComm ( ) works on Windows and linux (Blocking, Non Blocking, Timeout, Events) Ejemplos Blocking : Bloqueante Non-Blocking:
Hi my ideia is controller an robot (controller by serial port) witch have an PC with linux with an CCTV cam installed. for this controller I have my laptop with windows. my desktop and laptop stay connected ar WIFI. what program your sugest to implement this? I think like an tunel by IP adress where on laptop I send comand "run" and
search for MMC_read() and MMC_write() asn you can write form another microcontroller (like sending from serial and write the 512 bytes blocks).. also i have seen making this kind of stuff with linux! (i 'm a newbie in linux so you can search more on the internet) so create a 'virtual device' with dev (with the same exact size of the MMC (...)
Hi all, Recently we wanted to develop a protocol which involves data transfer from serial to TCP/IP and vice versa. So we decided to use a embedded linux board for the same. Can you suggested any vendor that provides good support and reliable board(ARM based boards). Will be eager to hear from you. regards, pavan
What do you use. Windows or linux.: Also try using a website named "Google"
I'm trying to interface a PIC16F627A MCU to a PC (running linux) via an RS-232 serial interface. I've seen a few circuit designs using the MAX232 IC to convert the TTL levels into those suitable for transmission over the RS-232. I've seen a couple designs for the converter:
Hi I have a embedded linux board that has the following RS232 serial Port Pinout 2 = TXD 3 = RXD 5 = GND 7 = CTS 8 = RTS All other pins are NC. So, this is wired as DCE and has not DTR/DSR/DCD etc. How do I connect this to SIM300z. I have an Eval Board from Farnell(SIM300-EVB_V2.02). Can someone recommend a cable that will
Hi, I have a configuration consisting of: 1. my Atmega168 MCU connected to some servo motors and sensors, and 2. my Linksys WRT54GL router working under OpenWRT linux WhiteRussian 9. 3. they have a working and tested serial connection. Now my problem. I open a file descriptor to my serial port called /dev/tts/1, and read a sensor (...)
Hi, I have an embedded board running linux, and a servo motor controller called SSC-32 which has a strange issue when communicating with the board. I'm sure it could be regulated from the router side by programming, but I don't know how so I write here to get help. I found out that to set SSC-32 to communicate with WRT54GL, each time I must
we use some comparatively cheap Mini2440 a.k.a FriendlyARM boards from . Has linux OS installed, USB host, general purpose IO, 4 ADC channels, I2C, 3 serial ports, optional CMOS camera, 10x10cm dimension, with an LCD touch screen. But the full complete documentations are in Chinese, so it may be a problem. but the boards
Hi every body, I'm an embedded software developer. I want to ask you a question concerning ppp networking. I have a linux machine that is connected to a windows XP PC using PPP connection over serial port. I managed to make the connection and was able to ping from both sides. Now The PC is connected to the internet over high speed lan
I would like to control the serial port\parallel port of a host computer through a web interface. Is there any software that can do this relatively easily? Always prefer opensource (linux application prefferred but windows is ok)
For test realtime and rt tester u ve 2 port the tool 2 ur platform: compiler and os. I ve ported this tool 6 times to run on simulators or actual boards. Ports incorporated ucos-ii and embedded linux. I used serial, network interface, or board debugger as communication link between tool on pc and ur application on board. -- Amr
Hi All, I am new this GPRS. And i am using wavecom modem, I need to establish a gprs connection with server, i tried with minicom( in linux) using at commands. it is sending the data. Now same thing i need to implement with C code. After writing "AT\r" to serial port like write(fd,"at\r",3); i need to read the OK/ERROR response
HI I am workin in linux and want to generate 1 pulse per second from my serial port. i am in need of pointers for that. cheers!
I am using moschip 8140 network usb processor board.Through serial port I connected to windows I am visible to see board linux in hyper terminal. I have to execute c programs in board mcs8140 ARm 926ejs processor. while Iam compiling cc filename.c or gcc filename.c output:/bin/sh comnad not found.please share anyone of your ideas with
dear friends how to generate HEX file in linux, what complier should i be using? Can anyone give me step by step tutioral of programmig p89v51rd2 ic or any ISP programming IC thr linux OS, as ISP programing is thr serial programming,, Please guide me thr friends.,,,
Hello: Manual presenting RS232 serial port controlled by PIC16F84 With Visual C # where you can learn to control a PIC through an interface on the PC under Visual C #. Net. Still, for lack of time I have not finished that part of MonoDevelop in linux thing I will do in the future as in 2009. They know that will continue only the first 200 pag
it is so easy u can program the chip using a simple serial connection to ur PC using linux, there is a complete toolchain for compiling, debuging and programming the device it really does not need any special tutorial u just connect the suitable chip's pin to ground, and connect the serial port of the LPC device to PC using a (...)
There are guys working on linux version for PIC Users, why not find them, share your common interest. Funny.
hi all any body who worked before with the linux bluetooth stack(BlueZ). i am doing a project wher i am using blueZ. i am able to communicate and pair to other laptop and mobile phones. now i am interested in communicating with a embedded processor. the controller i have choosen is a AVR microcontroller which has a serial bluetoot
i install cadence5.03 in redflag5.0 (a linux os) successfully,but when i run the software,it can not run: # icfb X Error of failed request: BadName (named color or font does not exist) Major opcode of failed request: 45 (X_OpenFont) serial number of failed request: 16 Current serial number in output stream: 28 [r
Still is not clear what you need you want a linux serial Driver code or are working with the AVR and you just need a serial interrupt plus buffer handling code which by the way some compilers implement very easy with a wizzard code generator???
Try using Embedded linux or VxWorks.
Please check out this web page, and check out why most of the internal modems are winmodems, and most of them have no compatibility with linux. If your modem is in the compatibility list, then that's fine, but if notm then you will have to get another modem. External modem is better because it's easier to configure.