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Hi all, I'm developing a PCB in Cadsoft Eagle as seen in the brd and sch files as per the links below: Eagle schematic file: board file: [URL="https://sit
Greatings! I saught this schematic in the lm2575-ADJ datasheet - lm2575.jpg This is for lm2575-12. Is it possible to use this schematic for lm2575-ADJ with adding voltage devider on the feedback pin? Is the algorith for calculation of the devided the same?! Thanks Hi stoyanoff Of course it can be yielded by any type of (...)
I need spice model for LM2576 (& lm2575 also) I searched the net and manufacturer site, but couldn't get it. can anyone please help me? nb.: I would add it to LTSpice to simulate & test my design
hello i am designing a small circuit containing a micro controller and switching regulator + usb programmer . when the USB is connected to the computer 5v will be present in the circuit in addition to the 5v supplied by the regulator (switching lm2575) is this harmful ?? will they fight each other ??? another thing if there is NO input for th
Hi all, I have a constant current out of a switchmode circuit ( ). I am getting a 1A DC out of this. The output voltage is variable, depending on the input level. My goal is to switch this current on and off with a pulse input. I built a switch using 2 NMOS and drove them with 5V pulses
For "converting" voltages as high as 30V to 5V, to be used for power sources, you could use switching regulators instead of 7805 to maximize efficiency and minimize power loss and heat. There are many such switching regulators available. You may take a look at L4971 and lm2575 among others. L4971:
use a switch regulator for that such as lm2575 a linear regulator like the 7805 will heat far too much for that voltage drop (24v - 5v) x 3A = 57W !!!!
what is the output of lm2575 ic ,, im getting 4amps with lm2575 ,, i want one ampere ,,, i checked with lot of ic
In my lm2575 ic im getting the output of 4amps ,, wat is problem in that,, i checked with lot of ic but the same problem is there pls help me
hello friends I drive 24 V 10 amps DC brush motor with IRF540 H bridge the gates are driven by IR2113s I PWM the High side of Channel 1 and logic 1 to the Low side of channel 2 low side of channel 1 and high side of channel 2 is logic 0 VCC of IR2113 is 12 V by lm2575 duty of PWM is %30 when I lower the DC link voltage to 19 V the
lm2575 has 1 A output current and minimum output voltage of 1.2 V. You can ask the search/design tools of major manufacturers for suitable linear and switching regulators according to your specification. You'd preferably go for a synchronous switcher in my opinion. As ripples are >30mV for switching regulators. They aren't ne
yah you can use the lm2575HVT-12 regulator and see the weblink input voltage range: 4 to 60V unregulated DC supply output voltage : 12V try it you will get easily in local market ---------- Post added at 12:52 ---------- Previous post was at 12:48 ---------- [/CO
Are you sure it is a LM7525 and not lm2575? If it is the second one then it is a 1A step down switching regulator with fixed or adjustable output Alex
I was designing a buck converter using either lm2575 and MC34063. BOth a 12V input and a 5V output .. 0.3Amax current. For the Lm i was folloing the datasheet and for MC i was using ON semi AN920. On both minimum Indutance is bigger for smaller max current. Why? I mean. If i chose a inducor for a 300mA current, if it sinks 50mA, it is suposed to wo
hi all friends You have seen lot of USB power injector one from silicon chip magazine which was republish in EPE magazine some other on web when you Google. This hardware was develop for my own need and it is better and has lot of edge on those design, switch mode capable to deliver current truly 1 amps (tested my self) out put is hundred perce
The lm2575-adj should work fine .. it's a switching step-down voltage regulator .. IanP :wink:
hi, please stop thinking about linear regulator as soon as you are dealing with more than 1 A or 5V to lower... except if you live in a cold country and want to heat your house a little with it ... ;) the lm2575 family is really easy to set up, and does the job perfectly ... regards,
lm2575 is a low efficiency device. So if efficiency is not your concern, you can go for it. There are other options as well LM2596 is a similiar device with some improvement in efficiency. You can use a current mode regulator like SG3842 with an external MOSFET to get better efficiency. For best result, as eem2am said, use a synchronous buck since
hello, as always, you have too much power to evacuate with a 78xx regulator ... take a look at a smps regulator like lm2575, almost the same schematic, with a diode and an inductor more and quite no heating anymore ... you have too much power to dissipate from 12v to 5v. if your circuit consumes let's say 100mA, that makes (12-5)*0.1 = 0.7W
You can try a dc-dc converter lm2575 Voltage dividing is ok if you are sure that the load is 9V 1A will remain constant. Best Regards, Siong Boon

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