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I did that. Used x100 analog amplifier based on cheapest lm358. But the mathematic was a bit complex. Calibration needed with linear aqualization. Cold junction was fake - used 20 degrees (indoor use only).
You can use both comparator. If you you use On chip analog comparator . You don't need external comparator but you wrote code for that. If you use LM324 or lm358 is external comparator. You need one small interfacing with micro controller. If you strong in program . you use Onchip comparator. Or other use comparator, Because we can check com
yingdea, I can see many issues with your design that make the output sensitive to input level. The lm358 has no operation within 1.5 to 2V near each supply rail and your design, Vee=ground. Thus any signal less than 2V above ground is distorted (in your case dead band with inversion). Fix. Use a split supply, virtual mid V+ reference or a "rail
Hi, Did you look at this scheme? 1. This guy is using lm358 opamp along with a LM385 reference IC, to read from PT100 sensor. You also could use this scheme. 2. Another scheme that uses ADS1247: Regard
I think lm358 isn't Rail to Rail Op Amp so you have to use instead of single supply symmetrical power supply with negative voltage as GND or use RtR Op
Air Flow sensor From Scrap. lm358-1 IR Slot sensor-1 old optical mouse scroll wheel
hello, i have a prototype board wit e700 pir sensor attached with lm358 and its op is given to pin 1.1 of msp430g2131. plz give me hints to program it to detect motion.
The first circuit isn't a voltage amplifier. It's intended to amplify current (or charge) from a piezo sensor. The second circuit can work, if the OP input voltage is within the specified common mode range. For lm358, it's 0 to Vb-1.5V. So you need 14 or 15 V Vb to measure input voltages a 12V common mode.
I think with a lm358 amplifier, you don't need to worry about resistor noise contribution. But you can scale down the first stage resistor network by a factor of 10 (1k/100k) and check, if the total output noise is reduced. I guess, it isn't. Would be different with a low noise OP in the first amplifier stage. But I also think, the sensor noise wil
how to interface the heart sensor(using lm358 ) with pic for 128BPM and display it on 3 seven segment displays.led must show heart pulses and and after 30 sec it must display it on 7 segment display simply go here regards Fragrance
If you want to calibrate somehow a light sensor you have to use a comparator rather than single discrete transistor .. Here is an example that uses comparator (LM311) but you can replace it with almost any opamp (eg. lm358, ..) .. With P4 you can adjust sensitivity, whereas with volta
Of course you can .. The key issue will be the selection of matching signal conditioner/instrumentation amplifier .. Have a look at: and then: Rgds, IanP PS. there are much b
You can put a transistor in the output of lm358 with a pullup to 5V, then you can get 0-5v levels.