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Thread references previous thread: I have some useful expriences with lm629 and LM628 and their programming and initializing are easy and straightforward. but as I remember it was for controlling Dc motor type not for 3 ph motors!!!! you can use Mc3phac for controlling 3 phase a
You might want to use LM628 / lm629 to make it easier to implement PID.
Hi sbl, Circuit looks good but is in astable or oscillator mode. I imagine you will be connecting a pushbutton to the trigger input (pin 2). The output of 555 is normally low with the timed pulse at the high (+V level). The lm629 requires it's reset to be held high and pulsed low for minimum 8 clock cycles. You will still need the NPN transi
Hi, you may check this lm629/LM628 Precision Motion Controller from National Semiconductor lm629 will be the ideal but cost may be high. you may check this op
LM628/lm629 User Guide
see datasheet of lm629 or LM628 might be useful!
I used lm629N-6 to control DC motor. I used 80188 to control lm629, but i couldn't open the PMW gate. I had programmed lm629 and read real position. I had programmed same lm629/LM628 programming guild. But now i don't know why i can open PMW gate. So would u help me? Thank alot!
Hi, Does any one know of a component lib for Eagle that includes the National lm629 motor controler ic and the LMD18200 ic ? Thanks P.A.