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hi I decided to design a lna in ads 2016. so placed a S2P blocked and add a transistor s2p file in this block.then I placed a Zopt block to calculate Z optimum for minimum noise figure.the result for S_parameters and stab fact was good but I have a warning about Zopt block so that ads can not calculate this parameter : " Warning (...)
Hello, I have the following XnP parameters for a lna. I want to simulate in ads the transfer of power (S21) and the IMR3 (harmonic simulation). I know how to simulate S param., with the data item touchstone etc. But with X param. I am never successful. Any advices? Thank you in advance! lna and X param:
Hi Also I should check the isolation between 1. antenna ports and and lna. I'm not familiar with ads. I would appreciate if somebody help me with these two cases. Thanks in advance Parisa 124874 your antenna switch is missing from schematics. usually isolation of the antenna switch wil
Hi. I want to use a power amplifier and a low noise amplifier in my schematic in ads. I have downloaded a design kit for required lna from Modelithics and installed it easily in ads library , but I do not know how to install a specific PA in ads. From mini-circuit I have just downloaded s-parameters. I should use a (...)
Hello , I am designing an lna for 481 MHz. Using the transistor BFP420. As a method I am using the complex conjugate matching at output. I have 75 ohms as input and output resistance. 1 - I choose GammaS from the stabil region 2- calculate Gammaout from gammas 3- Find gammaout Conj 4- Check if gammaout and gammaoutconj are in stabil regio
i designed lna in layout in ads, but when i start simulations, i keep on getting this error: "ports cannot be defined as partially on the perimeter of the structure partially inside the structure. please modify geometry". how to solve this problem? (or how to modify the geometry?)
Hi, I have only the s2p file of NE3512S02 transistor. I am designing lna in Ku band. I need to start with the DC biasing point of the device. Can any one tell me how to find or create its model in ads? I can perform other simulations but for FET currve tracing I need its non linear model???
hello people i m working on uwb lna deign for which i need tsmc 90nm rf cmos and tsmc 180nm rf cmos library file for ads simulator.can anyone help??
Hello all I would like to design a lna in ads with below values: VDD<1 v 4GHz10dbm Pdc<10mw s11<-15db s12<-30db s21>15db s22<-10db I wana use the circuit that I have attached. but I don't know how to choose the model of transistors. also I would be very thankful if anybody could help me with providing tuto
119703 I am trying to design the input and output matching network for BGA2001 lna at 1.6GHz and simulate the design in ads. There are two ways for bilateral design. First method is as follows: 1) Draw the Ga constant gain circles and noise figure circles, then select a optimum source reflection Γs point on the
I have designed the lna on ads and practically implemented it too on Roger 5880 at 5.5GHz...I want to design a mixer that follows this amplifier using ads.Can anybody guide me?
ATF34143 is an lna (Low Noise Amplifier), and by definition any lna should work in Class-A. So, good PAE (Power Added Efficiency) is not the main target of performances of this transistor. For best performances follow the Avago application notes 1190 and 1191.
hey, i am using ATF34143 for 2 stage broadband lna and i got good result with gain, noise figure and return loss i.e. s11 and s22. But i have designed with ideal component inductor and capacitor, i want to replace it with vendor's component. As i am using ads 2009 software for it, they provide muruta manufacturing capacitors and inductor. Here
Hi, For one of my project work, I want to simulate a simple circuit of an lna and an IQ mixer used in down conversion mode. I downloaded and installed vendor component directory but they have not given direct modules for this specific IC in ads. So I used data-item and s-parameter file for lna and Mixer2 model for mixer. I have attached (...)
I am designing a differential lna(two outputs) with CG-CS cascode topology in ads. I got s(21) -19 dB and s(31) +9 dB. But when i have connected external 3 port balun, i got 8 db of gain. I am confused, what should i take as gain that is whether it is magnitude addition of two ports gain which comes out to be 27 or balun's 8 dB GAIN. when i did t
i have ATF-34143 .s2p file, .zap file, and footprint (pdf ) also, collected from avago site.. i designed 2 stage amplifier using 2 port s2p block and going to design layout for it.. but i m confused with it bcoz its having 4 pin ic where two sources are given. if i assign component artwork as package SOT343 for s2p block, it gives me 4 pin IC la
i am student trying to design lna for zigbee for my final year project so am not expert am using ads 2011 the problem i cant find suitable model design kit so please help me
Hi, Im designing a lna using ads. I have designed my single stub matching network and I use short circuit stubs in my design. I am getting a negative gain and I m confused about this. If anyone can help on this it will be a great help.
There is a OIPn measurment block in s-parameters simulation palette,use it with low driving level at least 20dB lower than P1dB.Then extract the Gain of your lna from this value.
how to find gain error and phase error of balun-lna in ads. By doing s-parameters simulation.If you balun has 3 ports, check db(S(3,1)) and dB(S(2,1)) for gain imbalancing and phase(S(3,1)) and phase(S(2,1)) for phase imbalancing.