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Hi, I am planning on designing a GPS receiver board using U-Blox LEA-M8T. I will use an active patch antenna. I will design the board using EAGLE CAD and the board itself will be 4 layers. I have some questions hoping that I will get answers. 1. Do I need an additional lna on the circuit for this configuration? 2. Is there any tips on de
what is the real life range of nrf24l01+PA+lna (one with seperate antenna) ? Its mentioned as 1.1km but some says you will get only 100m
Hi I have a situation of low GSM signal indoor and I need to amplify it I have seen some boosters availble but I wanted to know is it possible to amplify gsm signal using active GSM antennas ? I have some active antennas gor GPS and GSM and they have lna inside my plan is to use these antennas and supply them with dc (...)
If you see the anatomy of a lna sitting at the top of the dish antenna, you will notice two short wire segments (perpendicular to each other) that act as antenna. Now you have the following possibilities: 1. None of them get any voltage- there is no signal; 2. The horizontal one gets signal but the vertical one does not: the signal is (...)
Hi I have to measure noise figure in a circuit that I have attached its picture. Also I should check the isolation between 1. antenna ports and and lna. I'm not familiar with ADS. I would appreciate if somebody help me with these two cases. Thanks in advance Parisa 124874
usually SoC IC solutions will have one baseband IC from qualcomm or other baseband IC manufacturers, a MCU, and all the rest of the parts such as amplifer, lna, filter and each. i have never seen one whole radio done on single die. due to this, it will be easier for you to identify components and antenna ports when you de-cap.
I'm trying to design a Bluetooth module from scratch. I have experience designing RF (< 1GHz) transceivers from scratch but not ISM. I do discrete design and not IC so planning to use IC for mixer and ADC. I will be designing PA, lna, antenna, VCO, loop filter, PLL and etc. need some advice on where to start. Any references or any advice? What
Hello, Did someone experience with simulation of RF PCBs (e.g. GPS). The signal propagation chain looks like this: antenna GPS --> --> lna --> SW filter --> GPS module (e.g. from u-blox) All modules in such chain (except matching networks and antenna) have either Spice models either S-parameters. Mat
Short answer: probably yes. Longer answer: if the antenna is passive (i.e. does not contain a lna or other circuitry that might effectively filter the incoming signal) then you need to realise that 2375MHz is only about 1% away from the lower end of the stated frequency range. When you compare that to the top end of the
The meaning that the RF amplifier (lna) isolate the local oscillator to don't go to the antenna is a consequence of the fact that the lna is placed where it is placed. The main reason of existence of the lna is the amplification, and secondary is the isolation. Generally the gain of the lna is about 15dB (...)
If a lna has an appropriate noise figure( and S21 of cause), is S11 critical for it? And what about S22?
You might consider modifying the lna in a 24dBi Parabolic Grid antenna and if bi-directional, replace the lna with a dipole and focus the beam to the dipole, offset from the centre $70 If you use RSSI to tune it, you might get 16~20dBi.. Log periodic maybe 5~8dBi
Hi, I am trying to make a RF transceiver with an external lna and PA while sharing the same antenna. This transceiver module has one RF input/output and the software registers switch the pin function between receiving and transmitting. So my questions are: - I was wondering if my approach of separating the lna and the PA, as shown in the (...)
It really depends upon you application. Most GPS receivers for portable application may include an additional lna for use with a passive antenna or alternatively an external lna will need to be included as part of your design if the GPS receiver module does not include one. A GPS receiver module I have used successfully with embedded (...)
I need to make "my own" antenna for GPS. The fewer packaged pre-built components involved the better. All discrete would be great... i think. What goes into such a device ? lna ? Cavity patch ? something else ? Google shows me 1000's of such antenna, but not easy to find actual design info or internal details. Guidance required...
Here is schematic that I dont really understand how it calculate the frequncy. It is lna for GPS RF. It should work with 1575MHZ. 107063 How C8 and L1 works? How to choose their value? How c16 and L3 works?How to choose their value?
I want to develop a bi-directional radio based on TI's CC1101 (868 MHz) and MiniCircuit's PSA4-5043+ (or RFMD's SPF5043Z). PSA4-5043+ and SPF5043Z are Low Noise Amplifiers with a very good gain and low noise figure. I want the radio to be half-duplex and, at the same time, provide some Tx amplification capabilities so I'm thinking in developing a c
Hi all I almost finish from make my own design for GPS tracker , but my aknowlegment is low with RF part , now I go to use this active antenna for gps which have two internal lna built in , and it come with smd coaxial cable with IBEX terminal , as I know the coaxial cable come with to pair GND and signal, my question is 1- from where
Check the nRF24L01 datasheet, it has some sample PCB design and circuit with different type of antenna. range is not only depend on antenna. if you have to increase the range it requires some additional chip for power boosting . Search the net, you will get that also. lna and supporting chip design also available.
Hi all, Does anybody here know some tools to draw transceivers block diagrams (antenna, filter, lna, Mixer, etc...) and with which we can export diagrams in .eps format. Thanks in advance, KRAHASS