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if you are not aware of the flow , then the steps for the libvlc play is: - Initialize Library : load libvlc.dll and its functions - Create VLC instance: id = VLC_Create() - Initialize VLC : VLC_Init(id, int, commands) - Start playing: VLC_Play() the above flow is for earlier version of libvlc. for new version , the change in flow will b
hi i try to load a sample project white CANoe, but during loading of libraray and tools of CANoe an error messge is displayed ''loading of node layer dll or C library 'KWP2000.dll' failed! the specifed module could not be found' please help me
I have complied dll, I want to use it in AEL script code? I can convert it to any another compiled code form like COM server, Windows service, ActiveX to be able to use it in AEL code like in VBA.
what is the dllhost.exe file ? what is the need ? it gives problem on my laptop with maximum cpu load.give me solution.
netlist can be loaded by load nelist menu
This means you need a 25 watt load. (12V @ 2A). A 25 watt, 125 ohm rheostat that would do the job. Are there more requirements?
Hello friends, I have one question about Maneatis's paper "Low-jitter and process-independent dll and PLL based on self-biased techniques". This paper use a diode-connected symmetric load to building the resistor in LPF, using the replica baising circurt I think the resistor is in Vctrl buffer. My question is where is the voltage source ?
I think your computer is loaded with some other programms in the background. I had tried the same which is running quite nicely in corei3 with 2GB ram.
Hello I have a circuit that control on a 24VAC for a load the problem is short circuit on those lines - my triac(8A) burnd and I have fuse(5A) on my 24VAC source How can I protect the line without using fuse\resettable fuse ? The schematic - 60101 Many thanks, Mayer
Can someone tell me if it is possible to convert ORCAD schematics to PCAD and how? It would save me tons of time not having to redraw them. Thanks You don't need to convert your OrCAD schematic to PCAD schematic as you can use your OrCAD netlist in the form of pcadnlt.dll and load it in your PCAD PCB as long as y
Check for rootkit's and or viruses! use Sysinternals - autoruns.exe to see what applications and dll's load at startup use an anti-virus, anti-rootkit and anti-spyware to clean your pc, but in my opinion if U have the time reinstall windows. Some free anti-virus apps:
i've got an: ** Error: (vsim-PLI-3002) Failed to load PLI object file "C:\Xilinx92i\smartmodel\nt\installed_nt\lib\pcnt.lib\swiftpli_mti.dll". while trying to do behavioral simulation. this error doesnt exist at first. it happen when i compile the simulation library using the xilinx 9.1 compilation wizards. the reason i do the compilation
Hello , I run a "vcom andgate.vhd" and it's OK, but when I try to run a "vsim andgate" The output is : # vsim andgate # loading /lib/pcnt.lib/swiftpli_mti.dll # ** Error: (vsim-3193) load of "/lib/pcnt.lib/swiftpli_mti.dll" failed: File not found. # ** Error: (vsim-PLI-3002) Failed to load PLI (...)
Hi, In my amplifier design I've simulated the dynamic load lines at different input power levels, 0dBm and 10dBm (both at 4GHz). My doubt is, with Pin=10dBm, the dll obtained has a distorted shape at both ends and reaches more than 8V (Vds), beyond the Vds Absolute Maximum Rating that the FPD6836 datasheet says. Does this mean that the amplifie
check this link wincc flexible s7-200
Error Message in ModelSim: # loading C:\Xilinx\smartmodel\nt\installed_nt/lib/pcnt.lib/swiftpli_mti.dll # ** Error: (vsim-3193) load of "C:\Xilinx\smartmodel\nt\installed_nt/lib/pcnt.lib/swiftpli_mti.dll" failed: dll dependent library not found. # ** Error: (vsim-PLI-3002) Failed to (...)
Hi, I am trying to program a 12C508A with a simple morse code program and here is what happens. I am using icprog v. 105c with the 508 dll included, and I have a JDM programmer. I open icprog I set device to 12C508A I set osc to internal rc I load the hex file into icprog I press program all icprog reads the config and
As in PC, you must set the enviroment according to debussy/ncsim user mannul, then let ncsim can compile the fsdb dump command. In PC, I must modify the .ini file to let simulation tool load the .dll (debussy). In unix , you read the manual.
tsb_nph, Thanks for your reply, thanks for the paper, I also have that paper and read it. But I find if load resistor is realized by active device like MOS transistor, they more or less have some non linearity. And one problem occur (as shown in the attached figure): The non-linear load resistor makes the crossover point of input and output at di
I want to run simulation with NC_verilog. during sim i want to dump fsdb file and call some MyPLI function and task. My problem is : >>ncverilog -f run.f after type the above command, the nc will load the default pli&vpi lib, which is libvpi.dll and libpli.dll. Now i have two pli.dll one is for debussy to dump (...)