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How to make Connections to BLDC Motor ? I am using PIC18F4431 to drive a BLDC motor in Proteus. I want to know how to connect the BLDC motor connections. Attached is the incomplete circuit. Please provide me Motor connections and what should be connected to load terminal and omega terminal of motor ? - - - Updated - - -[
A PV panel characteristic can be well modeled by current biased silicon diodes, or any behavioral model of your choice. As for the title question, do you understand how MPPT works? If so you'll know that it involves some kind of intentional modulation of the PV panel load, measurement of the differential I/V characteristic in this point (...)
Seems modeling problem if the datasheet says that the transistor is unconditional stable whatever the load is.
Since you can extract the Optimum load Impedance of the amplifier, you don't need the Output Impedance anymore.
The input impedance of transmission line is given by Zo*(1 + Γ*exp(-2*γ*l))/(1 - Γ*exp(-2*γ*l)). Where Γ is the reflection coefficient at the load end, l is the length of the line and γ is the propagation constant. For short circuit Γ is -1 and open cicuit Γ is 1. Thus geometric mean of sqrt(Zshort*Zopen) is
It is almost certainly a TNY267P but before you replace it and the fuse, check for short circuits between each of the output rails and also shorts across the diodes in the transformer secondary. Anything like that will increase the load on the PSU and add extra stress to IC3. It would be worthwhile doing a simple DVM check of all the components g
Why are you running the motor without a load for it?
Hi, I am simulating an amplifier in EM mode of Ansoft by importing the S2P file as an N-port model. Using the circuit designer with ideal loads of 50 ohms, I get the right gain (S21 parameter) of 13 dB. When using microstrip lines with physical dimensions corresponding to 50 ohm load, it shows -3 dB gain. I don't understand what I am (...)
I tested a 741 with different load resistances. A schematic of its internals shows the output as a half-bridge, with 25 and 50 ohm resistors in the legs. I was inclined to think this means it can accurately drive a load of, say, 100 ohms or more. This is not correct. In my tests, a real 741 produced about 5% less output voltage, when I attached a
"Pulse" refers to the square wave current waveform in case b, I presume. It has been already explained that the waveform is cause by connecting a current source as load, which is more a theoretical model than a real load case. You can however come quite near to it by using a large inductor with series resistance as load.
At the extremes, a PV panel provides max V, min A (light load)... or max A, min V (heavy load). You get max power at some middle load setting. To model this behavior, I have never seen a simple method. A normal role for a PV panel is to charge a battery, say from 10.5V (empty) to 14.5V (full). Therefore a reasonable (...)
If I understand - PC has an internet connection and WiFi Pi has WiFi but you can't use it because you need to load software first. There is an ethernet connection between the PC and Pi. Can't you download the programs you need on the PC, copy them to the Pi over ethernet to a temporary directory then install them from the Pi console/CLI? Brian.
Hi, I am learning to work with LTSpice and I am also very interested about the "how" of grid tied invertors, so I decided to make a very simplified and basic circuit diagram in LtSpice that could be simulated. Reference see starting poin
Very bad circuit with unclamped inductive load, driving the FET into avalanche breakdown.
While trying to load a cpf file, I get an error like this from Encounter Digital Implementation System. What could be the possible reason? Error: create_global_connection: {Command 'create_global_connection' is not allowed outside design or macro model scope.} Also, how can I identify that whether my cpf file is loaded correctl
122009 When we model thermal noise of a resistor, to be delivered thermal noise power kTB, load resistance and source resistance are matched. So noise source voltage has square root 4kTRB(R is matched resistance). And in Mosfet when we model thermal noise of channel resistance, as you know channel resistance of mosfet is
hello folks, There are three types of wire load models, which one is selected for the perticular synthesis and its selection is depends on what parameters?? kindly help me. Regards Dha_synth
Can Some body suggest Some Reference on how to model Bond wire inductor as circuit element and use to simulate your circuit in Spectre RF simulator ??
What you might be having is IBIS model of I/O buffer (not of oscillator). You would need to provide 50Mhz clock at input, package parasitics would already be there specified in IBIS model. You would need to terminate this by connecting TLINE and appropriate load at output, to see any reflections etc.
Hello guys, Can I get the opt load of a LDMOS, Only with a s2p? I have a new RF PA design, the RF LD MOS manufacturer only offer the s parameter, dont have a nonlinear model. so can i get the opt load for max power out? and how to do? :?: thanks for your input.