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Hi, I am trying to design CMOS PA at mm-wave frequency by Cadence. I already set up the simulation to draw Pout contours by load pull method. Now, my question is that if Cadence has this ability to draw PAE (Power Added Efficiency) contours or not? I already know the other software programs like ADS have such a capability of drawing PAE contou
There are some fundamental errors in your simulations. -Since the optimum output impedance is defined ( or is found to be ) , input impedance has less contribution into power delivered to the load and it's obvious that this impedance is not realistic that proves my treatment.( 250 Ohm+j*1360 Ohm=250 Ohm series within 74nH that is impossible input i
Hello, Im hoping to get some help with using PortAdapter for load pull in Cadence Virtuoso! I am using Virtuoso to simulate a PA and using PSS to sweep input power. The latest MMSIM supports directly the load pull option within the PSS input form, where I am sweeping the input reflection (mag + angle) of the PortAdapter (...)
You can put trivial resistors at the power ports to read the current. Trick is in determining the load and through- current, if that matters, but for logic you can call it all a loss. You could do something like a ring oscillator, let it run and pull the main supply current and divide by N.
Use "load pull Design Guide" 2011. Change the circuit parameters such as freq. ZL and ZS etc.. But 60 GHz is pretty high to claim an ampifier working at Class-E and that's why you should take all parasitic effects into account.(Layout,bonding,package etc.) Good luck..
I am facing many problems in designing 1800MHz 10watt amplifier with PD20015 LDMOS. I followed the following design procedure. 1) Performed Small signal s-parameters simulation plus DC analysis. 2) ADS load pull test. 3) Picked appropriate load impedance plus input and Transformed/matched it to 50 ohm. 4) Used ADS (...)
Hello All I am designing class AB RF PA with max power output of 1W => 30dBm in 65nm technology I am beginner in the filed of RF IC design. Can anyone please tell me step by step procedure to do load pull analysis in cadence vertuoso. ? in most of the tutorial on RF PA they have directly plotted the 1dB (...)
Hi i am designing a X band power amplifier using triquint transistor TGF2021-12 using ADS. To perform the load pull analysis on it i need device model of this transistor for calculating the load impedence through which i can make the matching circuit. Can anyone please help me to find out from where i can get this model (...)
Ouput isn't conjugated matched to the output of the power amlifiers.Instead load-pull technique is used to find the optimum load impedance which is seen by the amplifier itself. In cadence Design Environment, you can simulate your circuit by changing real and imaginary part of your load impedance on the Smith Chart and at (...)
The questionmark in the picture is at the Impedances, basically what says there, is what kind of impedance you going to present at the input output at the harmonic frequencies, that is usually 50Ω. At your fundamental frequency the example has R=10Ω, that means probably he has used a matching network, the output impedance at the fundament
I want to design a class f power amplifier. operating freq is 2.4GHz. Pout is 10-25W. GaAs phemt. I am facing difficulties in ADS simulation of the transistor in load pull and source pull analysis due to the unavailable of transistor MET model. Any suggestion on how and where can I get the MET model of suitable transistor (...)
K-factor in general is good for small signal or very linear power amplifiers (Class A). It is anyway a good starting point for your analysis, at least to see out of band instabilities. For a power amplifier characterization you need a load-pull (source and load) vs stability. Also a bias point vs linearity vs stability (...)
i think it can be done by load pull analysis khouly
in MWO getting started there is a detailed example about PA design and in ADS u will find a designer guide , will help u to make a simulation setup for every aspect of PA performance , also both tools have the load pull analysis which will help u alot in matching circuit of the PA ADS have a design guide for linearization techniques of (...)
Hello from a new member. At first i would like to send my congratulations about the forum! (Please forgive me about my english). I am trying to make a tranceiver design based on Chipcon CC1020 at 868Mhz ISM band. Due to many reasons I must not follow the reference design, at least the pure rf part. That means that I will almost copy the layout
Why is nobody mentioning Large-Signal analysis. One cannot have an accurate output pwr read only relying on small-signal and S-par are small-signal. Only to those who don't know, designing a PA with large-signal analysis consist of performing a load-pull analysis to determine the Zopt. Then your matching (...)