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Use a 1 ohm current sensing resistor in series with the load and an opamp compares its voltage with the voltage from a current-setting pot fed from a reference voltage. When the sensed voltage exceeds the voltage from the pot then the output of the opamp goes low and reduces the regulated output voltage until the current is the same as the pot sett
how i sense flowing of ac in a wire while no load is connected to that wire. i am facing some problems in making of ac cable locator.presently my circuit sense ac current.
I think a hysteretic comparator could be kind of a nuisance for RF apps since you can't know its frequency of operation. That tends to bother the folks responsible for the spectral mask compliance. The comparator appears to be sensing PA load current and tries to hold op amp current to a fixed maximum while the op amp asserts the desired voltage.
can any one help me with DC to AC 220v power inverter over load circuit diagrams on 500va to 5000watt
I am in need of a circuit which can sense a preset load on Ac line(mains) and when the load exceeds the preset value it automatically turn on a 12v relay to shut down the ac mains circuit.and when the load falls bellow the preset value it again turn off the 12v relay to turn on the ac mains (...)
I don't think there are many ways to differentiate between wire failure or load failure. Specifically for bulbs you could detect higher current in the begining when filament is still cold, but there is no way you could tell if circuit is broken because of bulb or wire. Not unless there is some electronics at the load itself to signal back (...)
CT need a resistor load (fixed value resistor specified by CT manufacturer), look at application circuit suggection or electrical specifications of your CT. Do you have that resitor load? Vithout proper termination your reading could be in error also with current passing if load side is open circuit by (...)
One of the simples methods of sensing loads is to use a low-Ω resistor (0.1Ω or less) in series with a load and connect 5/230V transformer with the 5V winding in parallel with this resistor. By doing this you have gain of ≈44, and now this signal can be used by an ordinary comparator to acitvate something (relay, LED, ..) .. (...)
I want to make a current controller circuit for a DC Brushed Motor. Can anyone suggest circuitry? You may start from the circuit shown in the attached figure. The load in the figure can be replaced with DC Brushed Motor. The output of the current sensing circuit is connected to an ADC (...)