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According to the input N value store those calculated twiddle factors in a ram block.(convert those cordic values to fixed point values according to your project and how you are going to use) As in FFT at each stage and each butterfly twiddle factor changes, call particular address location from that ram block (according to the stage and which butt
#mrflibble, I presume he is asking for a self test routine. #mtdanaras, If it is the case, there is no mistery : You need just perform recursive Write/Read patterns, alternating between "0000...." and "1111....". Further refinements could be added such as mapping failures location and and accounting percent
Hi. I created my own board with the sim900 and use it with my pc over the rs232 interface. The module works fine but I have a big problem with the gsm location. I ask for the coords like this: AT+SAPBR=3,1,"Contype","GPRS" OK AT+SAPBR=3,1,"APN","CMNET" OK AT+SAPBR=1,1 OK AT+SAPBR=2,1 OK AT+CIPGSMLOC=1,1 E
pls post the error.. when ur exporting select all tabs including no library dependency option also and export to specific loaction then open any dra from that location..u will get it properly..
I don't know of a way to know the location of the armature without: A) a sensor on the shaft. You can use a potentiometer, hall-effect, capacitance sensor, etc B) running the motor past the end of travel. If you are running some sort of drive system that can handle this abuse then this is the easiest way to know the position of the motor. Printers
Without the schematic, you are fumbling in the dark. Get the schematic and we can analyze. Hi I have moved my lounge around yesterday, TV was working fine never had any issues with it. I have the TV on standby but not off at the wall, flicked the switch off at the wall, moved the TV to a new location pluged it into a power boa
Microchip breaks its memory location into pages. Like a book. So each page would have a certain number of bytes usually 4096 bytes (4k) This would allow you erase pages if you are using them to log data. The rest of the pages will contain the code etc.
Hi, i need a to make a coding in MATLAB, in which i have to find the direction and location of unknown source emitting signal.kindly help me
oh come on!!! atleast choose your titles carefully. At first it occured to me you've developed some new algorith to improve gps signal accuracy. Anyways, I can help you up with kalman a bit. for kalman, you need two ways to measure the gps location, then you can decide which one to use for prediction and which one for correction Read a few papers
Hi Vishal I think information that you have provided is insufficient to resolve your issue. BTW looking at your code I see that you have not incremented 'i' anywhere in read() and hence you are reading same EEPROM location again and again. As a part of advice, I see that you want to save your processor time as much as possible for your other op
Can anyone help me to find the feed location for a circular patch antenna, coaxially feed.. any formula if please
Ignoring the power supply issue, you need to be aware that GPS in the context of your question is a receiver only device. It can't transmit anything over RF. Satellites in space send out RF signals which GPS 'module' receives and then works out your location on the planet. In order to transmit data from your unit to a PC, or PDA or Mobile Phone o
50Ohm is the standard impedance for RF; hypothetically, you could use a different system impedance, e.g. if your RF PA has an output impedance if 30Ohms; but since measurement equipment, cables, etc. are all 50Ohms, it is probably advisable to target 50Ohms for your design as well. You can adjust the location of the feedpoint of the patch antenna
Can you please describe clearly what you are doing, like whether you are trying to generate netlist and finding problems in setting the window? etc., Remember, keep default values in the Netlist window and browse to some location where you want the netlist file to generate, If you find any errors then copy paste the errors here lets solve them.
hi, setup-->user preference-->path--->pad path (pad location),psm path (footprint path)
Dear All, I want to take GSM Timing Advance. I am using AT+CENG=2 and getting serving cell details and neighboring cell short details. Here is some sample... +CENG:0,"0045,37,99,404,49,06,c79f,10,05,42,255" +CENG:1,"0041,22,17,404,49,42" +CENG:2,"0039,20,28,404,49,42" +CENG:3,"0033,15,38,404,49,42" +CE
TSMC typically ships model for ADS as a netlist file (in Cadence Spectre format) that is included in the ADS simulation netlist at runtime. To see that file check in the circuit/models folder under the location that you installed the TSMC Process Design Kit. This netlist file is just a simple text file that can be read and should give information i
I would like to build a circuit to light a physical bridge built over a small stream in my back yard. I need two strings of 20 LEDs each, to line the sides of the bridge so that people don't fall off in the dark. I want it to be battery powered, and I want it to turn on 4 hours a night, and then shut off. Light detectors won't work in this lo
There is no autotransformer in my like that are very uncommom over here.i'm just lookin 4 a way 2 build a cct that can do the job.thanks
Usually for higher power ratings, voltage goes up to achieve power and to decrease currents. Can be 72V, 96V,..., even I saw ove 140V systems. Look to avoid higher currents. For 1KW system can have voltage of 48V or up. Number of solar panels is not only linked with electronics calculations, its also linked with geographic location, building-