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i think you have to run a remote server on a pc, i used this software to track gprs communication long back, but now i dont have any logs to show you.. this captures the communication of server and the modem... try this Download Free TCP IP Test Server, TCP IP T
You are not supposed to transmit any signal without the consent of the government for such long distances...... keep in mind about this fact... only for educational purpose some transmitters and receivers are available for short ranges..... You will be trying to block or obstruct signals of licensed communication.... using gsm will increse t
%<%<%< 2/ we need to programming the gsm to be able to receive sms messages if it is PLC error and transmit sms message also to repair that error WOW self repairing PLC (or should I say equipment that can be repaired from the long distance) :D
I've written a program in JavaME that at its conclusion, sends a sms text message that will instruct the SERVO motors on how long to run for. My plan was to send the sms message to a gsm terminal, connected to a microcontroller that will interpret it then pass on the commands to Servo (...)
Dear umar_arshad i am computer hardware engineerg. i do repair motherboards and various controller cards belongs to industries. i have learned about microcontroller duing my dimploa for long time ago. now a days i have started learn microcontroller and assembly language again. i will really glad to know to hear about ur project which is dream of
Hello. I have a project where I want to make a couple of circuits that can 'talk' to each other 300 miles away. I wanted them to be wireless, but sms (via gsm) is far to expensive ($100 rather than $10) and nothing else I know of could go the distance. The 'talking' will be between microcontrollers and will just be a few bytes every few (...)
Hey friends, Anybody who knew what command to read automatically long sms message more than 160 characters sms. Currently my method is to look into the PDU frame and determine if teh message is part of a long message or not then integrate the broken short messages into a single message. Any (...)