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Hi all, I am looking for a male usb micro connector that has an extended or 'long neck' insertion section at least 15mm. Need this as a temp fix as the female receptacle connector is not flush with the outer surface of a design prototype we have.
I get time_limited_name.sof, Can I use this file and upload in my FPGA or not? Yes, but it only runs as long as the usb Blaster keeps connected and possibly for a limited time - as the file name suggests. It's intended for evaluation purposes only. For comparison of Quartus versions, see
Hi friends, After long time, I have arises a doubt. Please friends, try to figure it out. My issue is as below: I have connected esp8266 module directly to the system using usb to TTL converter.Currently I am not going through the microcontroller. I am just using a serial terminal. I am able to fetch data from any website and also post da
Hi, from the driver side: If one output goes high, at the same time the other output goes low. Allways one driver is high, and one driver is low. (as long as you donīt disable the drivers) at the receiver side: the logical state is made with a comparator (with hysteresis) that compares both signals. So if the non_inverting is larger than the in
That might work but the shield ground is often connected to 'cleaner' points at each end as the usb ground may be carrying local noise. It isn't particularly important if a small local ground noise exists as long as it appears on all the usb wires simulataneously because it is the difference between the wires that really matters. The shield (...)
I'm not a developer of Embedded system. My project is use AR9344 to setup a system in long haul clock convey purpose. I already have ART2 kit in hand, I want to make sure whether I could use usb device mode to config a Board based on AR9344(not fully comply to the DB120). Because there is no Ethernet port or PCIE port available. I use a NAND flash
Hello everyone; My laptop model is Fujitsu Lifebook E752 with two usb.2 ports and two usb.3 ports. I have windows XP and 7 on two different drives. A long time ago I locked and then unlocked my usb ports on windows XP by using locking/unlocking software. now I have problem with three ports of 4 available ports. Only 1 port (...)
With the batteries, how long did the PI run? What exactly did you use, after the batteries? Does it have a voltage indicated on it?
Hi, How long are the wires from the Pk3 to the 877a ? 150mm at most , the shorter the better. Until you have got things working properly stick to vero board, breadboards can have their own problems with high speed circuits.
The things you are asking in the forum are as long as a 500 page book. Its better to buy a book and start reading. One good book on usb which i know is usb Complete by Jan Axelson Apart from that you can read PIC Micro-controllers project from usb to RTOS, in this book you can read about usb HID Class. what (...)
i am troubling bcoz of usb communication from long time.I have downloaded usb_HID example from keil website. so how to add this code to my project.Consider it is based on interrupt transfer method.And there is key's on software and i have to blink led with this aplication. And if i mark Use memory layout from target Dialog then it gives (...)
A Wi-Fi link over that distance should be quite easy, as long as there is nothing large obstructing the path you would not need special antennas. The equipment you need is called a "Wireless access point" plugged in at the network end (if there isn't one already) and a usb Wireless 'dongle' on your own computer. All you need is a password to conn
Greetings. In short, i'm trying to use TPS63001 to raise 2-3V to 3.3V, and the efficiency i get is very low at any load. long story - i want to make a phone charger (couple of usb 5V, 500mA outputs) from a single huge LiFePo4 cell, and TPS6300(0/2) seems to be the chip for the job. But only TPS63001, the 3.3V version, was immediately available
If you have usb 3.0 then you can go with several amperes, lots PC motherboards support over 500mA on usb 2.0 ports (800-900mA). You can use usb Power Injector to supply power from external source to device. With this you will avoid damaging of usb connector pins on long time usage. :wink:
It's a usb -> FT2232H (channel 2) ->Max3243C. Does anyone know if I connect MAX3243C's auto-powerdown to low, how long it takes for Max3243 to shut it down if not RS232 signal is detected? datasheet doesn't mention it. The problem I am facing is, if I enable auto-powerdown (active low), sometimes it is disabled when I power it on. In normal con
Hi, I am using a usb dongle(Micromax MMX353G) with SIM (MTNL) for internet. When I use UMTS mode, there is signal problem in my room, signal strength on roof top is ok. Same happens when I use SIM in my Nokia X6(no UMTS signal indoor). What is the solution? 1. Should I use a long usb cable, in this case what is maximum permitted cable (...)
I'm not sure I understood 100% what the problem was, but I think you're saying that you want to distinguish commands from data. The information here is not specific to usb: Often a long sequence is used for the command, i.e. something that is extremely unlikely to occur in the data. For example, if you sent the characters "___cmd" instead of 0x55 t
RS-232 was the defacto serial port for 2 way communication between 2 devices until ethernet for long distance and usb for short distance became default.. Now RS232 is practically obsolete on portable computers ( no serial ports ) and also most new desktop PC's. That's a pretty good reason why you can't do it. Of couse it could be converted from
I think you've got only one I2C/SPI port on that device. But, you can hang multiple devices on the bus, they just need to have different addresses. That's the short answer. The long answer is: you'll need to educate your self about I2C or SPI-but it's not that hard. (At least, not as hard as usb or Ethernet). Actually, with SPI you would use s
i am using lm317 and usb bus to power the load. for usb voltage drop i have added 1n4148 diode just after the positive pin of usb. 67044 looking at the attached diagram can anyone tell me what will happen if i use both the power sources? i have tried it, nothing burnt but i wanted to know its effect in long run. thank yo